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Washington Wizards Team Analysis

The Wizards have a history of nonsensical goal-setting. They’re not changing.

It seems like the Wizards won’t be any closer to title contention in the years to come despite the departure of Scott Brooks.

What to expect from the Wizards this offseason

Chase Hughes, the Wizards reporter for NBC Sports Washington, appeared on this week’s Bleav in Wizards podcast to talk about the Wizards’ postseason options.

Four teams are looking for head coaches. Where are the Wizards?

It isn’t too late for the Wizards to get started, openly. But it will be interesting to see what the interest is if they don’t bring back their head coach from last season and delay that decision for much longer.

Sheppard says no decision imminent on Brooks

The Wizards’ General Manager said that the team will go through with a thorough review before these kinds of decisions are made.

The Wizards will still have to figure out their long term direction

A recent Washington Post article pretty much summed up the Wizards as a team on the "treadmill of mediocrity." And while it didn’t explicitly advocate tanking, it wasn’t far off.

Would you call the 2020-21 Wizards season a success?

While the Wizards have accomplished a key goal of making the postseason, they certainly had a very up-and-down road to get there.

May 2021 Mailbag Questions

Since the Mystics have declined in the last couple seasons, I’m not surprised that interest in the team has waned. But there also aren’t many WNBA sites that focus on the Mystics as fans. And we do.

Is it time for the Wizards to abandon the three-guard lineup?

The Wizards should try to counter the 76ers’ size advantage by starting one of their small forwards in place of Raul Neto.

Prediction: Wizards will beat the Celtics and advance to the playoffs

Time for us to be positive here!

Breaking down the Celtics with former Wizard Larry Hughes

Jayson Tatum has been on a tear recently and limiting his production will be key to a Wizards’ victory.

Yes, the Wizards could still move up to the Top 8!

The Wizards can finish 8th, 9th, or 10th. Here’s how.

Yes, the Wizards could still move up to the Top 8!

The Wizards have improved their seeding in the East by a lot. They can still improve it even further!

NBA Play-In Tournament: How the Wizards can finish 9th-11th

The Wizards are now ninth in the Eastern Conference and the play-in tournament seems inevitable! Here’s how they can finish 9th, 10th ... or even 11th.

The NBA Play-In Tournament and its draft consequences, explained

Here is everything you wanted to know about the Play-In tournament, how it could affect the NBA Draft Lottery, and where the Wizards fit into it.

Wizards still 10th in the East after Spurs loss

Washington is one game ahead of the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls and have no room for tiebreakers.

Larry Hughes provides perspective on the Wizards’ win streak

Hughes explains the impact of Daniel Gafford on the team’s defense and how they can continue to improve on that side of the ball.

It’s time to go all-in

The Washington Wizards have played well lately and have put themselves firmly in the position to compete for a playoff spot. This has made the path clear for them for the rest of the season and beyond, they have to go all in.

The Wizards are early winners in their trade for Gafford

So far, it looks like the Washington Wizards’ trade deadline deal that brought Gafford is paying off, especially on defense. Not so much for the other sides.

The Wizards still have a real shot at the play-in

Thanks to an easier schedule and perhaps some injuries to other teams, the Wizards may be able to make the play-in games.

Should we trust Lopez or Brooks?

The Washington Wizards center and head coach had some interesting comments to the media after Thursday’s loss to the Detroit Pistons.

The Wizards don’t look better after the trade deadline

The good news is that the team didn’t trade any of their younger players for veterans. But they also haven’t changed their outlook in the short to medium run either.

Sifting for silver linings amongst the losing

We can always get excited for the NBA Draft, but we also shouldn’t be too upset about their future wins either.

Mailbag: Beal’s future, defensive stoppers, where are the Wizards headed?

Here are our questions to our March mailbag.

Five realistic centers the Wizards could trade for

With the trade deadline only a week away, these are the type of guys likely in the Wizards’ price range

Four realistic wing trade targets for the Wizards

With the trade deadline only a few weeks away, these names might be worth keeping an eye on

Yes, the Wizards should still trade Beal

The Wizards recent signs of life should not cloud the team’s long term projection if they continue down the path with Beal as the franchise cornerstone.

Who are the 10 best teammates Beal has ever had?

As good as Bradley Beal is, he still needs help. Here are the ten teammates who have helped him the most along the way

Wizards fans give Brooks a “C”, split on future direction

Here is the second part to our latest survey.

Wizards fan confidence reaches a season-high!

Don’t be surprised to see a correction in the next survey given the team’s fall back to Earth.

Hachimura’s game incorporates many Wizards of the past

Rui Hachimura is a tough player to come up with a good comparison for but specific aspects of his game are reminiscent of former Wizards

SBN Reacts: Wizards fan confidence nearly doubles again!

Russell Westbrook also should play more back-to-backs, according to fans.

Wizards second half schedule: back-to-backs and tougher opponents

We take a look at what looms for the Wizards after the All-Star Break.