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Washington Wizards Team Analysis

The Wizards are now at the center of the NBA’s vaccine hesitant minority

With the Brooklyn Nets not allowing Kyrie Irving to practice or play until he is vaccinated, the Washington Wizards and their star Bradley Beal are now the face of the minority of players who are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Which Wizards could win NBA regular season awards?

These Wizards have the best shot at competing for the various NBA regular season awards.

An FAQ on how COVID-19 vaccine mandates affect the Wizards

Vaccine mandates in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles only affect home team players. So for now, Bradley Beal isn’t going to lose money for his decision.

Mailbag: Unseld’s honeymoon period and whether the Wizards should rebuild

Here is the second part of the questions from our mailbag.

Mailbag: Who should start for the Wizards, whether to go for a 3rd star

Here is the first part of our September mailbag questions.

August Wizards Mailbag Part 3, along with some Mystics questions

Here is the third part of our August mailbag questions.

August Wizards Mailbag Part 2

Here is the second part of our August mailbag questions.

August Wizards Mailbag Part 1

Here is the first part of our August mailbag questions.

Breaking down the Wizards’ Summer League performance

Most importantly, don’t get caught up too much with whether a player did very well or not.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 3

Here is the final part of our roundtable on the Wizards’ offseason moves.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 2

Our roundtable continues as more of our writers give their thoughts on the Wizards’ active offseason.

Sheppard’s offseason moves give cautious optimism for Wizards fans

Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard has made some important moves this offseason to move this team forward, but we must not celebrate too soon. This team has a checkered history and we still have a ways to go to surpass that.

Broom & Rubinstein Converse About the Wizards Offseason: The Trade, The Draft, What it All Means

And they dissected what might have happened to Deni Avdija

What’s the trade value of Wizards players?

Let’s give the GM some love for last night’s moves!

The Wizards have more cap flexibility for the future.

The Wizards have their coach. Now they need to upgrade the roster.

A new head coach can help. But that’s only better with more talented players.

Wizards stick to tradition during NBA conference finals

The tradition? Searching for a new head coach and the draft

June Mailbag Answers Part 2

Here is the second part of our June mailbag.

June Mailbag Questions Part 1

Here is the first part of our mailbag for June 2021.

The Wizards have a history of nonsensical goal-setting. They’re not changing.

It seems like the Wizards won’t be any closer to title contention in the years to come despite the departure of Scott Brooks.

What to expect from the Wizards this offseason

Chase Hughes, the Wizards reporter for NBC Sports Washington, appeared on this week’s Bleav in Wizards podcast to talk about the Wizards’ postseason options.

Four teams are looking for head coaches. Where are the Wizards?

It isn’t too late for the Wizards to get started, openly. But it will be interesting to see what the interest is if they don’t bring back their head coach from last season and delay that decision for much longer.

Sheppard says no decision imminent on Brooks

The Wizards’ General Manager said that the team will go through with a thorough review before these kinds of decisions are made.

The Wizards will still have to figure out their long term direction

A recent Washington Post article pretty much summed up the Wizards as a team on the "treadmill of mediocrity." And while it didn’t explicitly advocate tanking, it wasn’t far off.

Would you call the 2020-21 Wizards season a success?

While the Wizards have accomplished a key goal of making the postseason, they certainly had a very up-and-down road to get there.

May 2021 Mailbag Questions

Since the Mystics have declined in the last couple seasons, I’m not surprised that interest in the team has waned. But there also aren’t many WNBA sites that focus on the Mystics as fans. And we do.

Is it time for the Wizards to abandon the three-guard lineup?

The Wizards should try to counter the 76ers’ size advantage by starting one of their small forwards in place of Raul Neto.

Prediction: Wizards will beat the Celtics and advance to the playoffs

Time for us to be positive here!

Breaking down the Celtics with former Wizard Larry Hughes

Jayson Tatum has been on a tear recently and limiting his production will be key to a Wizards’ victory.

Yes, the Wizards could still move up to the Top 8!

The Wizards can finish 8th, 9th, or 10th. Here’s how.

Yes, the Wizards could still move up to the Top 8!

The Wizards have improved their seeding in the East by a lot. They can still improve it even further!

NBA Play-In Tournament: How the Wizards can finish 9th-11th

The Wizards are now ninth in the Eastern Conference and the play-in tournament seems inevitable! Here’s how they can finish 9th, 10th ... or even 11th.