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Washington Wizards Team Analysis

Three storylines to watch entering Wizards training camp

Examining the most intriguing stories as Wizards training camp opens up next week

Who was worse at drafting, Grunfeld or Sheppard?

Broom and Rubinstein reminisce: comparing Grunfeld and Sheppard as drafters, the uber-conversation

Realistic Expectations for the Wizards this season

What does success look like for the 2023-24 Wizards?

The Wizards shouldn’t trade for Kevin Porter, Jr.

Yeah, let’s NOT see him wear a Wizards uniform, please?

The Wizards have 17 guaranteed contracts - Only 15 will remain.

Washington will have to waive or trade two players prior to the season opener

What reasonable expectations should Wizards fans have this season?

It’s the beginning of the a new era for the Wizards’ franchise. With so many changes with this team, what are some things we can reasonable expect for this upcoming season?

Grading every player on the Wizards’ Summer League roster

A deep dive into the high’s and low’s of Wizards players at summer league

Beal’s no-trade clause may have be the NBA’s last

Beal was traded for pennies on the dollar, and other teams are sure to take note.

Broom & Rubinstein converse as Wizards trade Beal and Porzingis and tee up additional deals

Some early analysis on the Beal trade

Now that more details have emerged, we can more fully assess the outcome of the trade between the Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns.

Key Dates for the Wizards in the Month of June

What NBA history can teach the Wizards about Bradley Beal’s No Trade Clause

Beal is the 10th player in NBA history with a No Trade Clause in his contract. New President Michael Winger can take some lessons from the other nine.

Will Winger bring a new winning era of Wizards basketball?

A Q&A with Robert Flom with 213 Hoops.

How the Wizards can stay the course or rebuild

Let’s see how the Wizards go in two very different directions

The Wizards lost the KCP trade

Caldwell-Pope was traded for Monte Morris and Will Barton last summer. Since then, KCP has flourished.

Some quick thoughts on the Wizards bringing in Michael Winger

Winger at a minimum gives the Wizards a permanent voice calling basketball operations shots. That didn’t happen in 2019.

Why isn’t there much news on the Wizards’ GM search?

The weird thing is that the Wizards are the only team with a GM vacancy.

Tracking Langdon’s Journey from NBA player to Wizards GM candidate

What might Langdon’s leadership mean for the Wizards?

The most important question about the Wizards can be answered only by Ted Leonsis

3 key traits needed for the next Wizards general manager

If the Wizards’ Franchise is truly serious about becoming contenders in the future, there are some important traits the next GM must have

Six things we learned about the Wizards this season

As up and down as the season was, we learned a lot about this team and maybe there are things that will carry over in the future. Here are six things that we learned.

Tommy Sheppard fired. Let’s take a look.

The #SoWizards podcast delves into what went wrong under team president Tommy Sheppard’s leadership.

Will Sheppard’s firing change the Wizards’ direction?

Things weren’t working with him, but it’s unclear what a new GM would want to do.

The Wizards’ season of relegation ends with a whimper

The status quo remains undefeated in DC.

The Wizards’ losing magic number is 8

They are eight losses away from being guaranteed a lottery spot.

Wizards and Kings: a tale of two franchises

Once brothers in mediocrity, the Kings have left the Wizards in the dust.

The Wizards’ time to make the play-in is running out

Still, the Wizards are in danger of missing the play-in

The Wizards’ next 10 games will be big for their postseason hopes

They are 1-2 in March so far and just 5-6 in February. But they still have a good chance of making a run over the next two weeks.

Who should fill the Wizards’ open two-way contract spot?

Now that Jordan Goodwin has agreed to a standard contract, the Wizards have one spot left to fill.

For Wizards fans, this All-Star Weekend was forgettable

This shows just how irrelevant the Wizards are to the national folks.

The Wizards have taken the D.C. area for granted for too long

While the team continues to hover around the grounds of mediocrity, the Wizards fan base has struggled to grow a passion for this franchise.

Don’t be disappointed that the Wizards didn’t trade on deadline day

They already made their biggest move by acquiring Kendrick Nunn.