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Washington Wizards Team Analysis

Why have the Wizards struggled on defense recently?

After an encouraging start, Washington’s defense is bleeding points recently. What gives and how can the team fix it?

What are the best and worst case scenarios for the Wizards this season?

The Washington Wizards aren’t projected to make the postseason by many sources. Can they buck that trend?

Debating Bradley Beal’s Place in the NBA’s Hierarchy Part 2!

Here is part two of our series.

#SoWizards Fanalysis: Preseason games plus key questions and position battles

Should the Wizards be all in on Kuzmania? (Part 2)

Let’s continue this!

Should the Wizards be all in on Kuzmania, Part 1?

We start previewing the Wizards’ season based on what we think Kyle Kuzma will provide.

What we learned from Sheppard and Unseld ahead of training camp

The Wizards’ General Manager and Head Coach presented some interesting reasons for D.C. fans to be excited.

Wizards come up short in Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes

The Wizards missed on Mitchell — but did they ever really swing?

August Mailbag: Your Wizards and Mystics questions

Which Wizards players could get traded next year. And what will the Mystics need to get back into Finals contention in 2023?

#SoWizards Podcast: The Summer of (almost) Fine

Beal & the Wizards bet that loyalty will pay off in the long run

The Washington guard expresses his excitement on what the future holds.

After their moves, the Wizards must try to compete, for better or worse

The Wizards have made moves to address their offense, defense and have committed to Bradley Beal long term. Now, they have no choice to but to try to see if it all works out.

The Wizards just sabotaged themselves with Beal’s new deal

Self-sabotaging behavior interferes with long-standing goals. If the Wizards' goal is to actually build a strong team, they've done themselves a disservice by agreeing to Beal's additional contract demands. They've done fans a disservice as well.

Here’s a closer look at Will Barton and Monte Morris

What do the Wizards’ newest additions bring to the table this season?

After dealing for Morris and Barton, do the Wizards still have the appetite for a “big swing”?

The Wizards continue to be a championship role player making factory

For the 6th straight year, at least one former Wizards player has won a title. It may be a coincidence, but it may also mean something more to the Wizards themselves.

Could Davis be a top player in the ‘22 draft class and who’s in the Wizards’ Big 3?

Here are your questions and my answers

The Wizards need a point guard, but they must also be patient

The Wizards need to not make the mistake from the past and force a move for need. Instead, this team needs to continue to build their roster, even if they do not get their future point guard right away.

Who would be the Wizards’ MVP, ROY and DPOY?

They won’t win any national awards, but here are our team winners.

The Wizards must find diamonds in the rough this offseason

The Wizards have a lot of salary tied up in just a few guys, they will need to rely on their scouting department to find them impact players on the margins.

March Mailbag: Why support the Wizards if you’re a new NBA fan, the third center question and more

Here are the questions in our March mailbag.

The Wizards’ long-term mediocrity is holding them back

The Wizards’ last five years, with Bradley Beal as their top player, have experienced a long run of mediocrity. They haven’t been good enough to make the playoffs in most of the past several seasons, but also not bad enough to get a top pick.

Revisiting our predictions at the All-Star Break

With a bit over half of the regular season in the books. this is a good time for us to re-evaluate where the Wizards are and what their trajectory is for the rest of the season.

Roundtable: Our thoughts on Wizards’ moves at the trade deadline, Part 2

Here is the second part of our roundtable!

Roundtable: Our thoughts on Wizards’ moves at the trade deadline, Part 1

Let’s review the moves, including Washington’s play for Kristaps Porzingis.

Sheppard’s not afraid to make big moves at the trade deadline

The Wizards’ President of Basketball Operations states that the only way to become championship caliber is by getting consistent postseason experience.

The Wizards’ struggles start with no clear vision

Lost in the disappointing collapse this season, is the Wizards’ front office lack of direction which has affected every aspect of this team.

Roundtable, Part 2: Is it time for the Wizards to move on from Beal?

Here’s second part of our round table on it what the Wizards need to do with their future.

Roundtable, Part 1: Is it time for the Wizards to move on from Beal?

We got the crew together to chat about whether it’s time for the Wizards to move on from their franchise guard.

Bullets Forever 3-Pt Play! How do the Wizards sort out their rotation?

Let’s chat about the rotation in Washington, which is still not truly set yet.

Grades for the Wizards midway through the season

We are slightly past the halfway point of the NBA season so this seemed like a fair point to evaluate each player’s individual performance thus far.

Mailbag: Who could make the Wizards a playoff team at the trade deadline?

Here is the first part of our mailbag where we also talk about a nickname or a new one for Bradley Beal.