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Washington Wizards Team Analysis

Bullets Forever 3-Pt Play! How do the Wizards sort out their rotation?

Let’s chat about the rotation in Washington, which is still not truly set yet.

Grades for the Wizards midway through the season

We are slightly past the halfway point of the NBA season so this seemed like a fair point to evaluate each player’s individual performance thus far.

Mailbag: Who could make the Wizards a playoff team at the trade deadline?

Here is the first part of our mailbag where we also talk about a nickname or a new one for Bradley Beal.

Roundtable: Kuzmaniaaaaaaa!

Our staff has a roundtable discussion on scorching hot, Kyle Kuzma.

The Wizards are an elite clutch-time team. What’s behind it?

The Wizards are just a little above .500 this season.

The Wizards’ 2021 began & ended with COVID, and a lot of change in between

The Washington Wizards returned to the playoffs for the first time since 2018. But it wasn’t enough for them to stand pat with their starting backcourt of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Wizards for 2022

With a new year, comes new resolutions. Here are some suggested resolutions for each Wizards player.

Avdija needs more minutes, Beal perhaps less

The Wizards’ 2020 first round draft pick has shown a lot of promise in his sophomore season, while the veteran star has continued to underwhelm more often than not.

Mailbag: Should Avdija play more PG for the Wizards?

Here are more of your questions for this month’s mailbag.

Mailbag: Why can’t the Mystics draft Bueckers?

Let’s go over the first questions from this month’s mailbag.

The Wizards’ rebounding schemes need revisiting

Here is some more insight on why things have gotten tougher for Washington lately.

The Wizards should reconsider whether Beal’s a long-term fit

The Wizards have lost 12 out of the last 17 games and Beal has declined, at least statistically. Can Washington really afford to lock Beal into a huge max contract?

The Wizards have a problem with their touches

A slower pace can limit the number of possessions and points given up on defense. But fewer possessions can also mean that players are stagnating on offense and not shooting the ball until later in the shot clock.

Broom & Rubinstein Converse: What do the Wizards need to give them a better chance to compete?

The Crossover: Bleav in Wizards and #SoWizards hosts talk G League, Wizards and much-much more

The Wizards’ shooting woes come with a silver lining

Washington has been ice-cold from three this season. Could that be reason for optimism?

Five Wizards-related things I’m thankful for

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, there’s plenty to be thankful for as Wizards’ fans this year.

Wizards punished by clock error late in loss to Hornets

If these errors didn’t happen, Washington MAY have had more of a chance to get a win.

Nov. mailbag Part 3: How will Hachimura fit in with the Wizards?

That and questions about the trade block are in this part of the mailbag!

Nov. mailbag Part 2: National TV, G-League, & the Wizards’ weakest link

Our team had a lot of long answers to your long questions. Here’s the second part of the mailbag so you won’t see one 100,000 word piece!

Nov. Mailbag Part 1: Dinwiddie’s position, Wizards’ sustainability, more

Here is the first part of your questions in this month’s mailbag.

4 trends we’ve seen from the Wizards season so far

The Wizards are off to a fast start. There are a number of ways this team differs from last year. Today we examine some early trends.

10 fan overreactions after 10 Wizards games

The Wizards are good. And, rightfully so, some fans have gotten a bit carried way.

#SoWizards Podcast: Fearless Forecasts and an Early Check on the 2-0 Washington Wizards

SBN Reacts: Wizards fans in favor of D.C. vax mandate, split on Beal’s current status

We go over the most contentious topic, but a very important one around the Wizards’ season in the final part of our survey from this week.

SBN NBA Reacts: 72% of Wizards fans are confident in team direction

Also, check out the players whom fans nationwide believe will win the MVP, ROY, the Eastern Conference, and Western Conference this season.

2021-22 Forecast: Wizards reset the roster to remain in playoffs picture

Mailbag Part 1: How the Wizards can get past mediocrity & more

Here is the first part of our mailbag!

The Wizards are now at the center of the NBA’s vaccine hesitant minority

With the Brooklyn Nets not allowing Kyrie Irving to practice or play until he is vaccinated, the Washington Wizards and their star Bradley Beal are now the face of the minority of players who are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Which Wizards could win NBA regular season awards?

These Wizards have the best shot at competing for the various NBA regular season awards.

An FAQ on how COVID-19 vaccine mandates affect the Wizards

Vaccine mandates in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles only affect home team players. So for now, Bradley Beal isn’t going to lose money for his decision.

Mailbag: Unseld’s honeymoon period and whether the Wizards should rebuild

Here is the second part of the questions from our mailbag.