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Washington Wizards Statistical Analysis

Quantifying overseas league quality & their draft prospects

Here is a scale to take a look at how various professional leagues are based on their quality of play, and ultimately, how to evaluate NBA Draft prospects.

What to think about Ben Simmons?

Should the Wizards trade Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons?

Wizards season crashes to an end

Will head coach Scott Brooks be back?

Hachimura helps the Wizards win Game 4 and avoid sweep by 76ers

Wizards must now plan for likely unavailability of the injured Bertans.

Wizards change starters, still get blown out in Game 3

The numbers from the Wizards’ game three loss to the 76ers are ugly.

Breaking down the Wizards’ Game 2 loss to the 76ers

The numbers were not pretty.

Can Hutchison be the Wizards’ secret weapon against the 76ers?

The reserve forward could provide more than TikTok videos.

Wizards lose game 1 to 76ers

A quick look back at the Wizards 2020-21 regular season

Wizards stomp Pacers to earn a trip to the playoffs

Loss to Celtics leaves Wizards with a “win-or-go-home” matchup with the Pacers

Westbrook leads Wizards from Eastern Conference basement to 8th place finish

Picking the 2020-21 All-NBA team — Does Beal make the cut?

Westbrook, Gill and The Centers beat the Cavaliers, push Wizards into the play-in

The numbers behind last night’s win.

Without Beal, Wizards lose to Hawks again

Let’s review the numbers from yesterday’s nationally televised game.

The weird, wild and entertaining Russell Westbrook, part II

And a PPA update.

Westbrook’s triple-double and the Wizards bench mob are almost enough against the Hawks

Westbrook and Beal push Wizards past Pacers

Poised to shatter Big O’s triple-double record, Westbrook is already in a class by himself

Statistical analysis sheds light on why Westbrook is already the all-time leader in versatile production.

Resilient Wizards take overtime win against the Raptors

Wizards fall short against the Bucks

A look at the numbers and an introduction to SIR.

Recap: Westbrook’s 21 rebounds and 24 assists lead Wizards to 154-141 victory over the Pacers

Yes, Brodie had another triple double as well.

Westbrook, Gafford lead Wizards in narrow loss to the Mavericks

Key takeaway from last night: Don’t discount the stomp!

Let’s review the numbers from last night’s BIG WIN.

Westbrook fuels Wizards win over the Lakers

Let’s review last night’s big win!

The weird, wild and entertaining Russell Westbrook

And a PPA update.

Recap: Spurs end Wizards 8-game winning streak in overtime thriller

Beal and Gafford lead Wizards to 8th consecutive win

Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the Wizards’ latest big win!

Stifling second half defense leads Wizards to 7th consecutive win

Wizards play solid defense to win sixth in a row

Wizards are winning the Wall for Westbrook trade

What should we make of Gafford?

And a Wizards PPA update for the nerdly inclined.