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Washington Wizards Statistical Analysis

How do the Wizards young players compare to their NBA counterparts?

Let’s take a deeper dive!

Finding NBA diamonds in the rough

Let’s take a look at the art of finding players who might have a breakout season in 2023-24

How soon will fans know if Bilal Coulibaly is good?

The 2023-24 Wizards All-Doppelgänger team

Danilo Gallinari’s Doppelgängers

The new Washington Wizards forward could be a pleasant surprise this season. Who could we compare him to?

Cooks, Muscala, and Gill: A three-for-one tumble in the Doppelgänger Machine

Patrick Baldwin Jr. — a man with few doppelgängers

Who are Landry Shamet’s doppelgängers?

Let’s run the Doppelgänger Machine on one of the Wizards’ newest additions.

Does the Doppelgänger Machine offer hope for the future of Johnny Davis?

Just how far back do Delon Wright’s statistical Doppelgängers go?

Plus: A story about Brent Barry

Is Kuzma special? The Doppelgänger Machine says he’s at least unique

Let’s go dunking with Daniel Gafford’s doppelgängers

Translating the NBA’s Mythic Greats

How would great NBA players in the past perform today? And how would some of the Wizards’ current players perform if they played back in the 1960s?

The Doppelgänger Machine takes aim on Corey Kispert

A range of Doppelgängers for Deni Avdija

The Doppelgänger Machine jumps into the Poole Party

It’s deja vu all over again: Tyus Jones reminds the Doppelgänger Machine of familiar faces

The Washington Wizards guard goes through the Statistical Doppelgänger Machine.

Deep dive into the Wizards 2023 summer league

More than you ever wanted to know. Way more.

What’s he worth? Estimating free agent values

The ups and downs of Jordan Poole

The Kuzma Question

What did the last 10 games tell us about Corey Kispert?

What should the Wizards do with Kristaps Porzingis?

Stats, analysis and commentary

Real reasons to hope Johnny Davis can improve next season

Stats, analysis and commentary

Injuries cost the Wizards more than nine wins, but...

Stats, analysis and commentary

Wizards self-grade is woefully incomplete

Stats, analysis, and commentary

Wizards lose season finale to Houston Rockets

Stats, analysis and commentary

When losing is what matters, Wizards get win against the Miami Heat

Stats, analysis and commentary

Young players audition in Wizards loss to the Atlanta Hawks

Stats, analysis and commenary

Wizards backups lose meaningless game to the Milwaukee Bucks

Stats, analysis and commentary

Wizards eliminated from postseason with loss to the New York Knicks

Stats, analysis and commentary

Just how good has Avdija been the past five games?

Stats, analysis and commentary