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Washington Wizards Polls

Bullets Forever Poll: Ricky Rubio vs. "The Trade"

Who would the Wizards be better off with? Ricky Rubio or Mike Miller and Randy Foye?

Pollin': What has More Value?

The Wizards have several assets that they could use in a trade this off-season, which one is the most valuable?

Pollin': Digging Into the Past

What former Bullets/Wizards great would help out the current team the most?

Pollin': Who Needs a Jump Shot More?

Two of the Wizards' young players need some work on their jump shot, who needs to hit the gym the most?

Pollin': What's Going to Happen to the 5th Pick?

The Wizards' first round draft pick comes with a Pandora's box of opportunities to improve the team.

Pollin': Game of the Year

The Wizards didn't have many wins this season, but the ones they did have were quite memorable. Which one was the finest?

Pollin': Taser Time?

Will Dominic McGuire keep his starting role with Wizards next season?

Pollin': Last Bullet?

How many former Washington Bullets will be left in the NBA next season?

Decisions, Decisions

Wizards fans aren't sure where to turn now that they don't have a team to root for in this year's playoffs.

Hump Day Poll: Pick or JaVale

JaVale McGee or a draft pick?

The Nick Young vs. Rodney Stuckey Debate

The Nick Young vs. Rodney Stuckey Debate.

JaVale McGee vs. Greg Oden: Let The Debate Begin

JaVale McGee vs. Greg Oden: Let The Debate Begin

Pollin' - Who needs to buy some new "fashion" jeans?

Pollin': Who will be less embarrassing?

Pollin': Who's the new agent?

Pollin': Would you sign this man?