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Washington Wizards Polls

The Washington 'Anything But Sea Dogs': Team Nickname Ideas

The Washington 'Anything But Sea Dogs'. What should the new nickname for the Washington Wizards be?

2009/10 BF Wizards season-ending awards: Play of the Year

Vote for the top play of the Wizards' 2009/10 season.

Once again, it's time to cast your ballots

Taking a look back at some poor predictions from last season, and looking forward to this year's draft.

Is there any team that had a worse season than the Wizards?

Should Andray Blatche be blamed for last night's loss?

Poll: Was Flip Saunders out of line to criticize Andray Blatche for his altercation with Kevin Garnett?

Simple poll: Who needs to get moved first

Pollin': Will Captain Quirk be a Captain?

Gilbert has taken steps to assert himself as a leader under coach Flip Saunders

Pollin': Contract Renewal

Pollin': The Jordan Effect

Which Wizard will be hurt the most as the team moves away from the Princeton offense?

Pollin': Will Antawn Jamison's Rebounding Numbers...Rebound?

Taking a look at whether or not Antawn Jamison can re-gain his 2007-08 rebounding form.

Friday Poll: Minutes for Epic Vale and Bean Burrito

Pollin': More Media Exposure = More Money?

Taking a look at Brendan's increased media presence and how it affects his contract status next summer.

Pollin': Strong Start?

Pollin': Coach of the Year?

Examining the chances of Flip Saunders winning coach of the year.

Pollin': Which Coach Would You Rather Have Right Now?

Is Flip Saunders really an upgrade over the departed Eddie Jordan?