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2016 Wizards Free Agent Rankings

Our look at the top 30 talents available for the Wizards in free agency and how they would fit with the Wizards.

Whose fault is it KD2DC didn’t work?

Besides ours, of course.

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #2: Hassan Whiteside

Miami's big man has a better chance at transforming the Wizards than any other free agent out there other than you-know-who.

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #3: Nicolas Batum

In a free agent market filled with specialists, Batum is do-it-all wing who could do wonders for Washington.

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #4: Al Horford

The Hawks' big man could solve a lot of the Wizards' frontcourt issues.

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #5: Harrison Barnes

After a disappointing NBA Finals, have we really seen the true Harrison Barnes or should the Wizards gamble hoping that he reaches his full potential?

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #6: Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons would give the Wizards some much-needed offensive versatility, but is it worth stunting Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre's development?

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #7: DeMar DeRozan

Sure, the Wizards already have a shooting guard, but what if they really wanted to supercharge their offense?

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #8: Ryan Anderson

The Wizards have cap room to play with this summer. Should they take a look at Ryan Anderson?

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #9: Allen Crabbe

If Washington wants to add more firepower on the perimeter this summer, Crabbe would be an outstanding option.

Wiz Free Agent Rankings #10: Dwight Howard

The Wizards need another star, but is Dwight Howard the right one to take Washington to the next level?

Washington Wizards free agent rankings: 15-11

Our free agent ranking series continues with a look at some high-profile names the Wizards should be exploring this summer.

Washington Wizards free agent rankings: 20-16

We continue our free agent ranking series with a look at some players who could make a real difference in Washington next season.

Washington Wizards free agent rankings: 25-21

Several talented wing players pop up in the latest round of the Wizards’ free agent rankings.

Washington Wizards free agent rankings: 30-26

Wizards Free Agent Rankings: Exclusions and Omissions

We kick off our series ranking our top 30 free agent targets with a look at some of the players who won't make the list this year.