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Washington Wizards Coaching Analysis

Analysis of Washington Wizards coaching and psychology.

How hot is Wes Unseld, Jr.’s seat?

There are three things that the WAshington Wizards head coach must do to keep his job safe.

Bullets Forever Mailbag: What’s the Value of Coaching?

We answer one question directly (and in advance of our full mailbag for tomorrow.)

The Wizards have their coach. Now they need to upgrade the roster.

A new head coach can help. But that’s only better with more talented players.

Who would be the best fit as the Wizards’ next head coach?

The Washington Wizards now have an opportunity to make things right with their next head coach. And here are many of the names whom we should consider.

Four teams are looking for head coaches. Where are the Wizards?

It isn’t too late for the Wizards to get started, openly. But it will be interesting to see what the interest is if they don’t bring back their head coach from last season and delay that decision for much longer.

Here are two possible Wizards HC candidates if Brooks isn’t back

If the Wizards decide not to renew Scott Brooks, Sam Cassell and Darvin Ham are two names worth considering.

Roundtable Part 2: What does Brooks need to do to get an extension?

We continue our discussion of Scott Brooks’ performance as the Wizards’ head coach here.

Roundtable Part 1: What does Brooks need to do to get an extension?

We chatted, some of us at length about what can be done, whether it’s for the Wizards to make the second round of the playoffs or just get in the play-in game.

Should Scott Brooks be fired? Who should replace him?

Two Bullets Forever writers take a look at one of the most asked questions among the Wizards fanbase.

Who can be a suitable interim HC if Brooks is fired?

Tony Scott and Jarell Christian are two of the more obvious names. But don’t overlook Corey Gaines either.

The Wizards should keep an eye on Brett Brown

The former Philadelphia 76ers head coach was fired after his team lost in the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs. The Wizards should keep an eye on what he does for the next year .

A decision looms on whether to keep Brooks

As we approach the last year of Brooks’ contract, the decision of what to do with the Wizards coaching position does not need to wait. His future needs to be decided after this season is over. So with that said, should he stay?

The Wizards and the five-out offense

The implications of Toliver signing with the Sparks

The Washington Mystics now must focus on young players improving while Toliver now has an "out" from the Wizards if their performance doesn’t improve relatively soon.

Toliver signs with the Sparks

Toliver is going back to California.

The Wizards are now paying Toliver the salary she deserves

The Washington Wizards assistant coach and Washington Mystics point guard can now get paid market rate for her NBA gig.

Eric Thibault will stay in DC, but the Mystics need to plan ahead

The Mystics’ Associate Head Coach was a finalist for the job in December.

The Wizards are walking a tightrope with Brown’s development

The Washington Wizards may end up regretting Scott Brooks’ inconsistent treatment of Troy Brown, whose role continues to be in flux.

Scott Brooks can’t lose sight of Wizards primary goal this season: player development

CJ Miles is slowly creeping in the rotation ahead of Bonga

Expanding Bryant’s game could pay off big in the future

Changing the shot profile may be diminishing his overall production, but it’s good for Bryant’s development

How should the Wizards evaluate Brooks this season?

In a year where the Wizards are probably not making the playoffs, it’s important to look at other ways to track the head coach’s performance.

Scott Brooks is a remnant of the Wizards’ past

After restructuring the Washington Wizards’ front office, the head coach is a reminder of what once was.

Report: Wizards will have a coach swap with Go-Go

Two members of the Wizards’ coaching staff will be in a coaching swap next season.

A guide to the Wizards’ struggling defense

Brooks’ recent handling of young talent has been questionable at best

Former Wizards assistant Ryan Saunders gets first win as head coach

Saunders was a Wizards assistant coach from 2009-2014.

There’s no good reason why Toliver should earn just $10,000 coaching the Wizards

Due to WNBA regulations, the Wizards assistant coach is only earning $10,000 this season from the Mystics’ discretionary offseason budget.

The solution to Scott Brooks’ bench lineups

Scott Brooks must find a way to stop the Wizards from repeating mistakes

Video: Toliver talks about joining the Wizards

Coach T, Scott Brooks, and Bradley Beal talk about yesterday’s announcement.

Toliver officially joins Wizards coaching staff

The Mystics point guard will be one of the Wizards’ player development assistant coaches this season.

Brooks isn’t on the hot seat, but he needs to keep it from getting warm