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Washington Wizards Clipboard

Video breakdowns of the Washington Wizards

Wizards show less can be more in win over Nets

The Wizards simplified their offense and played in transition to get their biggest win of the season over the Brooklyn Nets.

Wizards' offense not playing to Gortat's strengths

The play of Marcin Gortat this season has been uninspiring, but it's because the offense is holding him back.

Nene proves his worth again vs. Bulls

Nene may have only scored 13 points last night in a huge win over the Chicago Bulls, but he once again showed why he's so important to the Wizards moving forward.

How the Wizards buckled down vs. the Spurs

Washington's defense managed to keep the defending champs to just six points in the final five minutes of the game. We break down what worked for them in the final frame, and what to make of Kevin Seraphin's performance.

Exploring the art of John Wall's jump pass

For better or for worse, John Wall consistently leaves his feet when passing the ball. We take a look at the positives and negatives of this habit and why he does it.

Wizards late-game offense needs work

Washington's first western conference road-trip of the season pinpointed some of the flaws that could be potentially fatal moving forward. We take a look at what's hurting them the most, and what can be done to fix it.

John Wall is the best defender at his position

For years John Wall has flashed his brilliance on the defensive end, but he's finally put it all together this season. The Wizards defense is better than ever, and Wall has made a strong case for being the best defender at his position.

How Wall ignited the offense vs. Miami

After stringing together three consecutive games without cracking 90-points, the Wizards finally broke out of their offensive slump with a 107-point outburst Monday night against the Heat.

Garrett Temple: The new Trevor Ariza

Garrett Temple is shooting 52 percent from deep this season after just hitting 21 percent of his threes last season. With his defensive skill and new three point shooting prowess, Temple has become the new Trevor Ariza.

How the Wizards shut down the Triangle

This is how the Wizards' defensive gameplan prevented the Knicks from running their offense.

Are the Wizards switching too much on defense?

Despite Randy Wittman's claims that Washington is not a switching team on defense, they continue to revert to it in the early going this season, leading to several breakdowns. Is this a problem or a strategy that can actually help them?

Wall's D needs to be better

John Wall's performance on the defensive end led to a lot of Norris Cole buckets in a 107-95 loss against the Miami Heat. We take a closer look at his mistakes.

Beal needs to step up on D

Bradley Beal's postseason run showed just exactly the type of player he can be. Now it's time to prove it over the stretch of 82 games. Here's one way in which he can build on his success.

Will the Wizards still be a Top Defensive Team?

We covered how losing Trevor Ariza in free agency could improve the offense, now we break down how the Wizards will look on the other end of the floor. Can Randy Wittman adjust to life without his best wing stopper?

The offense should look different

Losing Trevor Ariza in free agency may hurt the Wizards on defense, but there's plenty of ways in which they can now improve on offense.

The set that got Wall loose

After a shaky start to the game, John Wall finally got loose and toasted the Indiana Pacers defense for 27 points on 11-20 shooting in just three quarters of work. We break down a key new set that helped the Wizards get him going.

Breakdown of the breakdown

The Wizards built up a double-digit lead heading into the half, but after more uneven play from their starters, allowed Indiana to get right back in it. We examine some of the break downs defensively that got the Pacers going.

Pacers' D swallows up Wall, Wiz

The Wizards had no chance against Indiana's set defense and looked overwhelmed. How did John Wall and company fail so badly in Game 3?

The Pacers are containing John Wall

The Pacers have proven to be a difficult matchup for John Wall throughout his NBA career, and that hasn't changed in this playoff series. We explain why Indiana has fared so well limiting the Wizards' star and what Wall must do to make them pay.

Poised, patient Beal carries Wiz in Game 1

Bradley Beal's youth and inexperience was often exposed during the regular season, but he's shown every bit of that potential we raved about two years ago here in the playoffs. We take a look at how he got going in game 1.

Bring the 'AARP Unit' back

The Wizards' successful second unit did not play one minute together against the Bulls. Indiana offers the perfect matchup to give it more play.

How Ariza can slow Paul George

Paul George tore up the Atlanta Hawks in round 1 of the playoffs, but will face a much tougher task in round 2 as he goes up against Trevor Ariza. We break down ways in which Washington can slow down the Pacers' star.

Trevor Ariza: The Swiss Army knife

Trevor Ariza has been an integral part of the Wizards' defensive scheme throughout the year, but he stepped up another level against the Bulls. The Wizards don't win without his contributions.

Breakdown: How the D set the tone early in Game 4

Despite defensive anchor Nene sidelined due to suspension in Game 4, the rest of the starters for Washington stepped up and set the tone very early. We break down the ways they were able stifle Chicago's offense.

How Dunleavy broke loose

The Wizards defense had no answer in game 3 for Mike Dunleavy Jr who dropped a franchise record 8 threes in their win on Friday night. We explore several breakdowns defensively, and what they need to do to make sure it doesn't occur in game 4.

Wittman's two crucial in-game adjustments

Wizards coach Randy Wittman once again came out on top against Tom Thibodeau with a brilliant game plan in the fourth quarter. We explore two tweaks that really turned the tide.

What adjustments might we see?

Will we see major changes from Tom Thibodeau's squad? Here's what we think after watching the film.

Nene throws Bulls' gameplan in their faces

Washington's fourth quarter had been dreadful during the regular season as opponents buckled down and took away their three-point shooting. But in Game 1 against the Bulls, they put the ball in the hands of the Big Brazilian, and he delivered.

Wiz must keep it simple with Beal

Bradley Beal has struggled against Chicago throughout his career because he's been placed into situations he's not prepared to face. For him to stay productive in this series, the Wizards would be wise to lighten his workload a bit and keep it simple

Nene is the key to victory

If the Big Brazilian is healthy, active and engaged, the Wizards can beat the Bulls in a seven-game series. If not, they're in trouble.

This will be John Wall's biggest test

The scouting report on John Wall is simple: force him into jumpers and take away his passes into the corner. So how can he lift Washington past this Chicago team in his first-ever playoff series with a defense keying in on him?

John Wall still has areas to improve

The Wizards' star point guard has made strides this season, but he's far from a finished product.