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Washington Wizards Player Analysis

It’s time for the Wizards to move on from Bertans

The Washington Wizards have given the forward a big contract and so far, Bertans has not lived up to it.

What should the Wizards do with Davis Bertans?

The forward is in the middle of a high paying contract, but his shot is off and his defense isn’t on par.

Hachimura returns to Wizards practice

He participated in a full practice yesterday with the Wizards. And we asked Dr. Lucas Wymore about how players can gain weight and continue to play effectively, given that there were reports that Hachimura lost weight when he reported to the Wizards.

Larry Hughes breaks down the Wizards and Avdija’s defensive jump

Hughes went into detail on the defensive turnaround for the Wizards on this week’s Bleav in Wizards podcast.

Mailbag Part 2: Beal’s trade value and the supermax

In the second part of our mailbag, we go over questions specifically on the Wizards’ franchise player.

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Can Gafford still thrive without Westbrook?

The Wizards center had the speedy superstar point guard to work with last season. This season, things won't be as easy for him.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Bradley Beal

The players section of our evaluation series finishes with the Wizards’ franchise cornerstone.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Russell Westbrook

Westbrook was not an All-NBA or an All-Star this year, perhaps a bit unfairly. But at the same time, without him, the Wizards would be in a much different spot right now.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Deni Avdija

The Washington Wizards forward came to the Wizards as a potential playmaker on the wing. That didn’t happen due to their All-Star backcourt, but he still could reach his potential with the right coach.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Garrison Mathews

The reserve Washington Wizards guard remained a steady presence off the bench in his second season for Washington. That said, the team still performed better when he was off the floor.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Anthony Gill

The second year of the forward’s contract doesn’t seem likely to be picked up.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Issac Bonga

The reserve forward shot well below his marks last season, and that’s not a good thing heading into next season with Deni Avdija coming back from injury.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Rui Hachimura

The Washington Wizards forward’s production was quite identical to his rookie season and he showed more promise during the NBA Playoffs. But he’s going to need to

Wizards 2020-21 Player Evaluations: Chandler Hutchison

The reserve wing player needs to improve his shooting, especially close to the basket as he heads to the fourth season of his rookie scale contract.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Raul Neto

Neto was worth his entire $1.9-million contract and then some.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Ish Smith

The Wizards point guard provided a steady hand last season.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Robin Lopez

The veteran center is not the All-Star that his twin brother Brook is. But Robin has been a solid performer for Washington this season with his veteran presence and solid shooting.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Cassius Winston

The Washington Wizards rookie just doesn’t have much of a sample size to make a more detailed evaluation. With a new head coach, things could change.

2020-21 Wizards Player Evaluations: Davis Bertans

After a slow start to the season, David Bertans found his 3 point range, but his contract brought greater scrutiny to the things Bertans was not able to do this season.

2020-21 Wizards player evaluations: Thomas Bryant

Thomas Bryant looked ready to take the next step in his career progression before an injury cut his season short.

2020-21 Wizards player evaluations: Alex Len

Alex Len joined the Wizards after being released by the Toronto Raptors and was a solid presence all season long. However, the team also needs to understand that they can’t over-extend him under normal circumstances.

2020-21 Wizards player evaluations: Daniel Gafford

The season’s biggest surprise came in a desperation trade deadline deal, that allowed the Wizards to pick up center Daniel Gafford. Gafford’s play was a welcome sight for a franchise that has struggled with finding effective centers.

What I have learned about Westbrook this season

Russell Westbrook is quite the enigma. He’s a talented superstar that has can cause you to pull your hair out and to celebrate within a few moments. In this article, we look at some things that we have learned in his first year in DC.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum: A Modest Proposal for the Wizards Center Rotation

The NBA center is a dying breed. But the Wizards are resurrecting the position.

Larry Hughes gives his take on Russell Westbrook

Hughes and I dedicated the majority of this week’s Bleav in Wizards podcast to Mr. Triple Double himself.

This is Westbrook’s most impressive individual season yet!

The Washington Wizards point guard will likely average a triple-double for the fourth time in five seasons, this time at the age of 32.

Sorry Deni, it’s ESPN’s fault.

Right now, it seems that the Washington Wizards forward is doing poorly compared to others drafted around him. But Avdija doesn’t necessarily want to be compared to others as he learns the ropes of the NBA.

Our differing thoughts on Beal’s performance this season

Here are our opinions on the Washington Wizards guard’s scoring, whether "Everybody Eats" is still a thing with him, and his defense.


The Washington Wizards forward is an effective scorer but isn’t getting enough opportunities to do so.

Stephen A. Smith speaks the hard truth on Westbrook!

The ESPN journalist and "First Take" commentator was not impressed with the Wizards guard because it’s what he has always done.

Measuring Westbrook’s performance with the Wizards

We take a deeper dive into what Russell Westbrook is contributing for the Wizards this season. Is he really a net asset for Washington?

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Learning to love the Robin Lopez hook shot

The veteran Wizards center is having his best year with an old-school trick Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would approve of.