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Scott Brooks vents on Wizards’ poor performance after Hawks loss

The Wizards lost 103-97 to the Hawks on Friday and fell to the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference standings. Head Coach Scott Brooks was upset after the loss where he said that “we’re a selfish basketball team right now.” Brooks even went on to say that the team does not have “one on one players,” when he spoke about Washington’s lack of ball movement, Marcin Gortat’s four assists aside. You can watch the video of Brook’s presser above or click here.

After Brooks’ presser, the locker room was tense according to Candace Buckner of The Washington Post:

What’s even more frustrating about the losing is that the Wizards are close to the end of the regular season. It is less than a week away. However, Washington lost four straight games and looks like a team headed for a quick first round exit. The Wizards seemed to be checked out from the start, just one day after they blew a 16 point lead and lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wizards analyst Christy Winters Scott was egged on (by us in part) to lecture the team like she did after a December loss to Atlanta. Here were her suggestions on Twitter after Friday’s debacle and her appearance on Wizards OT:

The Wizards still have two more games to play this season. The first is against the Celtics on the road next Tuesday, and they’ll follow that up with a road game against the Magic. Even if the Wizards’ playoff seeding is set at this point, I’d like to see the team show more energy and chemistry like last February, and not like Friday night.