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Drake told John Wall that the Raptors would sweep the Wizards

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Obviously a sweep isn’t happening with the series tied at two a piece.

The Wizards and Raptors are tied in their playoff series two a piece. On Monday, John Wall told the media that Canadian rapper Drake said that he had “the broom” for the Wizards, implying that the Wizards would get swept.

Apparently, Drake told Wall that he planned on going to Washington for Game 3 of the Wizards-Raptors series, but that didn’t happen. And Wall said that he couldn’t listen to Drake because ... he’s rooting for Toronto, not D.C. You can see the video above from ESPN reporter Ohm Youngmisuk’s Twitter account.

The Wizards are heading to Toronto to play the Raptors on Wednesday night. Obviously, we want to see the Wizards pull out a win so they can head to Washington with a 3-2 series lead. Even though we want to see a win Wednesday night, let’s also state that Toronto fans will have a heavy heart on Wednesday.

On Monday, there was a van attack in midtown Toronto that killed 10 people and injured 15 others. Our thoughts go to the victims and their families in that tragedy.