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Even in one of basketball’s biggest moments, Kara Lawson is as neutral as it gets

The Wizards color analyst is a pro’s pro on the national stage. Just watch!

In the last three weeks, Wizards fans haven’t seen TV color analyst Kara Lawson very much alongside Steve Buckhantz. That’s because she was a TV color analyst for ESPN during the NCAA women’s basketball tournament which concluded on Sunday.

This year’s NCAA Women’s Final Four was easily the most exciting in recent history, perhaps ever. Notre Dame won the national championship. But it’s even more dramatic with Arike Ogunbowale making two game winning buzzer beaters in each of the Fighting Irish’s last two games to win the title. Here’s the championship winner Ogunbowale made.

Lawson represented the DC Family well on ESPN while the Wizards retired Phil Chenier’s number and welcomed back the 1978 championship team.

As a national broadcaster, she has to stay neutral. And during a huge moment like Ogunbowale’s game winner, she showed just that. Lawson only raised her eyebrows while Adam Amin jumped out of his seat and fellow color analyst Rebecca Lobo smiled. You can see the video above (and also below) when other ESPN figures like Jemele Hill noted Lawson’s lack of emotion.

Hey, as a national broadcaster, you gotta stay even keeled. And Lawson is as even keeled as it gets in the business. Even she poked fun at herself for it.

And don’t worry, Lawson still had a good time in Columbus:

We love you Kara! And we can’t wait to see you back at the mic for the rest of the season.