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Wizards superfan Joseph Turner gives an angry but constructive analysis of Game 2

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This fan knows how to say what we’re all thinking without going overboard.

The Wizards are now down 2-0 after they lost 130-119 in Game 2 of their playoff series against the Raptors on Tuesday. I get it. Fans are angry, and many want to tell the Wizards to wake up in not-so-constructive terms.

But one fan, Joseph Turner, had a message that was just as blunt, but he didn’t go overboard with profanity or disparaging terms. His videos on Twitter often get broadcast on NBC Sports Washington’s Wizards Overtime as well.

Here is Turner’s postgame video analysis of Game 2 below:

In Turner’s analysis, he said the following:

  • The three point defense is absolutely lacking and the team isn’t communicating on that end of the floor.
  • He tells Scott Brooks to take Marcin Gortat out of the rotation because Gortat is apparently checked out, may want out of Washington. And finally, Gortat was outplayed by Jonas Valanciunas.
  • Bradley Beal has to “perform now” in the playoffs. Beal only scored nine points on 3 of 11 shooting from the field.
  • Otto Porter only scored 12 points, yet he also gets the ball a lot.
  • John Wall played at a high level (29 points and 9 assists), but cannot do things alone.

I think Turner speaks for all of us after this horrible game.