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Bradley Beal critical of Wizards’ lethargic performance against the Knicks

Bradley Beal was critical of the Wizards’ performance after their 101-97 loss to the Knicks on Sunday. In a postgame locker room interview, Beal stated that “We looked like we didn’t give a damn, honestly.” You can watch the video from the Wizards’ Twitter account above, which also includes some remarks from Tomas Satoransky. Beal went on to say that the Wizards took the Knicks for granted and looked more like a lottery team, or at best get their “asses kicked” in the NBA Playoffs. Note that the video does censor some of Beal’s words.

The Wizards haven’t lost more than three games in a row this season, but they also have lost five of their last seven games as they prepare for John Wall’s return. Maybe some complacency set in, or maybe defenses have figured “Everybody Eats” out. Regardless, the Wizards’ performance on Sunday was disappointing to the fans, who booed them at the end.

The Wizards’ lone championship team came out for their 40th anniversary yesterday and retired Phil Chenier’s number last Friday. While those events are well-deserved for the legends of the past, this past weekend has give us little to celebrate about. Hopefully the Wizards can turn things around as they head to the playoffs but the last two losses were especially disappointing considering who their guests of honor were.