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Colin Cowherd says the Wizards are better without John Wall

On Friday, Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd talked about the Wizards’ recent string of wins. Cowherd, who has criticized John Wall a lot over the years, did it again. He noted that the Wizards were 8-2 before their loss to the Hornets and mentioned that the Wizards were better without Wall.

Cowherd mentioned Wall in a longer dialogue about players who make others better and those who don’t. As you might expect, Cowherd doesn’t think Wall makes his teammates better, though several role players certainly got paid more money because of him. And this is the first season where the Wizards haven’t fallen off a cliff when Wall was absent.

But Cowherd also added that Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is basically a “more talented” version of Wall and other stars just aren’t as effective, including Kevin Durant early in his career and Paul George today.

The video’s above for you to watch.