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Kelly Oubre shows his passion for arts at the Duke Ellington School

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Kelly Oubre is having a big week on the basketball court, as he played a big part in the Wizards’ 122-112 win over the Pistons on Friday night.

So it’s just fitting that ESPN released a YouTube video on Oubre and his passion for the arts earlier Saturday morning. You can watch it above.

Since his rookie season in 2015-16, Oubre has work as a partner with the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington. It’s a public magnet school that dedicates a significant part of its curriculum to instrumental and vocal music, to art and dance. You can see Oubre participate in some activities alongside students throughout the video above.

In the interview, you’ll learn that Oubre believes that creativity comes in all art forms and it also helps him become a better basketball player. #WAVEPAPIFOREVER, y’all!