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Watch John Wall’s Game 6 game-winning three vs. the Celtics

This is the Wizards’ biggest play since 1979!

The Wizards were down 91-89 with seven seconds left in the game and had the ball. Washington could have went for the tie with a shot at the basket, or make a three to go ahead and win this thing.

The Wizards wanted to win this game, so you’d think Bradley Beal would take the game winner, right? Not so fast. Wall decided to drain the three in Avery Bradley’s face.

When Wall made the shot, Washington still had to defend for another 3.5 seconds. But they pulled through to win, 92-91. The series is now tied at three games a piece, and we’ll see a Game 7 on Monday.

This is Wall’s biggest play of his career. Much bigger than Paul Pierce’s “I Called Game” shot or Gilbert Arenas’ buzzer beaters. This is the Wizards’ biggest play in franchise history since the 1970’s! I’M STILL PROCESSING IT IN MY HEAD!!

And if you’re wondering how broadcasters around the world reacted to Wall’s shot, the Korean announcers on SPO TV were just as giddy in Seoul like we were in the nation’s capital:

The Korean announcers also called Wall’s spin move on Kelly Olynyk in the third quarter “rat poison.” That could be Wall’s new nickname, let alone his signature move!