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Christy Winters-Scott goes off on Wizards after Hawks loss

Wizards TV analyst Christy Winters-Scott is normally positive and optimistic in her analysis of the team. This isn’t to say that she never has anything negative to say, but Winters-Scott isn’t one who loses composure.

Like the rest of the #DCFamily on Wednesday night, Winters-Scott had to watch the disastrous fourth quarter of the Wizards’ 113-99 loss to the Hawks. Ersan Ilyasova got hot, and Atlanta was playing with tenacity and effort. Washington wasn’t.

It struck a nerve in Winters-Scott, who didn’t hold anything back afterwards. She was downright angry about the Wizards’ lack of effort, going so far to say that there are men without an NBA job who “play harder on defense than the Wizards did in the fourth quarter, period!” You can watch her initial comments, including those in the video above from NBC Sports Washington.

Winters-Scott even said that the entire Wizards starting lineup — meaning John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Markieff Morris, and Marcin Gortat — “should sit their butts down on the bench. ... The worst thing to do to any kind of competitor is to take their playing time.” You can watch this exchange in the video below:

When challenged about her comment that such an idea would result in more Wizards losses, Winters-Scott stood her ground. “You will win respect!” she responded. “You will win integrity! You will stop TALKING — and you will get the job done! And you get the job done by playing the way you’re capable of playing. Night in and night out, you’re a pro!”

Her last point? "Get it together or sit down on the bench!"

It’s not easy to get Winters-Scott worked up. But like many of us, she couldn’t tolerate watching the Wizards throw a game away against the Hawks.

Winters-Scott is also the head coach of the South Lakes girls basketball team in Reston, Virginia. Coincidentally, the Seahawks are in a holiday tournament at nearby Oakton High School in Vienna and their first game was today. Here’s what I have to say to the Seahawks players: Just listen to what Coach said after the Hawks game! She is right!