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John Wall shows his full range of skills, including his defensive potential in Lakers win

In the Wizards’ 111-96 win over the Lakers last Thursday, John Wall stepped up his defensive game for most of the contest. The most notable part of his game was his defensive play where he made three blocks and grabbed two steals when you look at the box score. In addition, Lonzo Ball, his counterpart for the Lakers was held to 3 of 12 shooting, which is still under his season average of about 30 percent from the field.

I would like to say that Wall had a great game defensively, but it wasn’t perfect. Wall had one notable defensive lapse after a big dunk he made on Brook Lopez in the first quarter. But fortunately, the Lakers couldn’t capitalize of the situation.

In addition to his defensive performance, Wall scored 23 points, dished 5 assists, and grabbed 8 rebounds. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see him continue to show the full potential of his play as one of the best two-way guards in the NBA as the season continues. You can watch the highlights above from FreeDawkins’ YouTube channel.