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Stephen A. Smith tells John Wall to “shut the hell up” after “disgraceful” Lakers loss

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After the Wizards102-99 overtime loss to the Lakers, LaVar Ball didn’t hesitate to troll the Wizards after proclaiming that the his son, Lonzo wouldn’t lose two games in a week. The video is below or you can click here:

So, congratulations LaVar. You deserve to troll us. Again.

On Thursday morning, ESPN’s “First Take” discussed the Wizards’ loss. Co-host Stephen A. Smith went off of John Wall, telling him to “shut the hell up. which you can see in the video at the top.” Before yesterday’s game, Wall mentioned that Lonzo would get “no mercy.”

If you look at the box score, Ball shot an abysmal 2 of 11 from the field, but he otherwise had a strong performance, dishing out 10 assists and only committing one turnover. Wall’s basic scoring and assisting numbers didn’t look bad, but he shot 7 of 22 which Smith noted. In fact, shooting efficiency has been one of Wall’s weaker points so far this young season.

Smith didn’t just eviscerate Wall on national television, he also went to say that the Wizards had bigger fish to fry, like the Cleveland Cavaliers. He even went so far to say that the Wizards could very well beat them and win the Eastern Conference.

Some of you are sure to take issue with Smith chewing out Wall like he does on many other sports topics. But I think this is a piece of humble pie for Wall and the Wizards. The Wizards are one of the better teams in the NBA, but they haven’t been in true form all year even if they’re still 3-1. Hopefully, this loss is just a wake up call for them to get into form soon.