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John Wall judged Guy Dupuy at the BET Dunk Contest

Now both members of the House of Guards have seen the Dunk Master that is Guy Dupuy.

We covered the D.C. City Slam a couple weeks ago, where Bradley Beal served as a judge. In the contest, French dunker Guy Dupuy stole the show by making some crazy dunks, including a dunk over three people, and another over eight!

Dupuy had a chance to showcase his talents last Saturday at the BET Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles. The contest was judged by three NBA players including each of the last two NBA Slam Dunk Contest winners: Zach LaVine and John Wall. That's right. Both Wall and Beal have had the chance to judge Dupuy's amazing dunks in front of the crowd.

The third NBA player to judge was Glen Davis.

Anyway, here's a YouTube video embedded above from Dunkademics which shows you some of the many highlights that Dupuy showed for the crowd. Happy viewing everyone.