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Video: Watch Masai Ujiri yell "We don't give a s*** about it!" to Raptors fans in Jurassic Park

Ujiri provides more ammunition for the budding Wizards vs. Raptors rivalry.

Before the Wizards started the first game of their playoff series against the Raptors, Toronto General Manager Masai Ujiri walked out to Jurassic Park where there were thousands of Raps fans getting excited to root for their team, and boo Paul Pierce.

Last season he was fined $25,000 by the NBA for yelling "F Brooklyn" to the crowd, and decided to not say anything about Pierce's comments about "it" earlier this week. He changed his mind today. At this year's Raptors rally, he yelled, "We don't give a s*** about "it!" in front of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver too! As you might expect, everyone went nuts. You can watch the video embedded above (via Christopher Principe's YouTube channel). Note that there's a lot of NSFW language.

Shots fired! But in all honesty, I would love to see if other GM's, let alone Ernie Grunfeld could lead the troops like Ujiri does.