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Wizards vs. Bucks video: Watch Jaron Johnson's dunk

Larry Nance, Jr. wasn't the only guy who made a big slam dunk on Saturday.

On Saturday, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Larry Nance, Jr. made an epic slam dunk on Golden State Warriors post Festus Ezeli.

But did you know that there was another big dunk made by a Wizards player Saturday night? The Wizards certainly did their best to bring attention to Jaron Johnson despite the lack of local television coverage:

I was wondering what the buzz was all about, but now you can see the video embedded above, via the Wizards' Twitter account.

In the video, you can see Ish Smith making a pass from the left corner to Kelly Oubre as he is about to be double teamed. After, Oubre makes a nice pass to Johnson when one Milwaukee defender overcommits. From there, there's a clear path to the basket and a late attempt to defend the play by a Bucks defender wasn't enough.

This dunk, like any other, is great to see. However, let's also give kudos to Smith and Oubre who had the court vision to help make this happen.