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Chris Singleton sends it to overtime with clutch jam against the Celtics

Singleton capped off a career night with a big dunk to send it to overtime in a losing effort against Boston.

Chris Singleton didn't have a career high in points, rebounds, assists or steals against the Celtics, but it's pretty easy to make the case that last night was his best game as a pro. He was an efficient 6 of 10 from the field and nailed 3 of his 4 three point attempts. Additionally, he came through with 5 rebounds, 3 steals and a pair of assists in just 25 minutes of action against Boston's stingy defense.

Of course, even if he hadn't put together such a stellar performance, we'd still be talking about this play. People can say that having Singleton drive the lane for a dunk probably wasn't the Wizards' first option, but don't forget it was set up by Singleton getting Brandon Bass to bite on his pass fake to Bradley Beal, who was open for three. Seeing the way the Celtics defense reacted to prevent Beal from beating them should provide some encouragement to go along with this highlight.

If you're looking for a GIF of the dunk, Mike has you covered over on