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The Nene trade: One year later

A look at the effects of last March's stunning trade for Nene.

The verdict: Good trade ... for now

After considering all factors, the Nene trade was a good one for the Wizards ... so far.

What about the future?

While the Nene trade has mostly worked out well for the Wizards in the present, it's still unclear whether the future will bring the same kind of joy. We look at Nene's injury woes and wonder if his game will age well.

Nene's locker room effect: Leading by example

What effect did the Nene trade have on the Wizards locker room? For one, it gave the kids an adult to look up to.

The other side: Nuggets fans enjoying JaVale

How have Denver Nuggets fans coped with the stunning Nene-for-JaVale McGee trade? Pretty well, in fact.

Nene's cap implications: Not as bad as you'd think

How bad were the salary-cap implications of taking on the last four years of Nene's contract? Not as bad as you'd think.

Nene vs. McGee, on the court

The Wizards, stylistically, are a completely different team with Nene on the court instead of JaVale McGee. We break down some of those critical differences.

The Nene retrospective: An introduction

The Wizards changed the course of their rebuild when they pulled off a stunning move for Denver Nuggets center Nene. Now, one year later, has the move worked? We examine the trade from all angles in this multi-part series.

A year ago: Nene trade a philosophical shift

A year later, here's our initial reaction to the 2012 trade-deadline stunner.