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Links: Wizards, past & present have a bad week

A 1-3 Western Conference road trip and some social media posts by Gilbert Arenas made this an unforgettable week for all the wrong reasons.

Wiz have another inconsistent week

Another week of ups and downs by the good guys right before they head out West for a big road trip.

Is Neal's recent performance sustainable?

The Wizards reserve guard has been a spark of lightning off the bench over the last week. We take a look at whether he's a good option for your fantasy roster going forward.

Top stories for the week of 11/29/15

We had a great win and a deflating loss the next day. That makes us feel just that much more cranky.

Wall's on fire with his fantasy line this week

The Wizards haven't played well lately and John Wall hasn't had the best start to his season either. But this week, he averaged nearly 60 fantasy points a game, and you should start him tonight in one-day fantasy.

Top stories for the week of 11/22/15

The Wizards haven't started on the right foot this week, and John Wall may be wearing a different company's shoes next season.

Which superstars should I pick on Black Friday?

We take a look at the ten most expensive players and give you some suggestions.

Top stories for the week of 11/15/15

The Wizards have gotten things back on track in the record books, but injury woes remain for Martell Webster.

The salary per point produced is important

The best players at any position will cost the most, but it's also important to calculate how much you are spending for each point they produce.

Top stories for the week of 11/8/15

The week could've been better for the Wizards, but it's early.

Be wary of the walking wounded in 1-day fantasy

With any position in FanDuel, be careful about picking star players who are coming off of injuries. You don't want to spend your cap space on stars who are more likely to have a below average night.

Top stories for the week of 11/1/15

The Wizards have started their season on the right foot in the standings, which is huge considering that the competition early is tough.

Which Wizards are good "bangs for your buck?"

We go over the types of players who tend to be favored in FanDuel's scoring system and some Wizards who can help you do that without eating your salary cap space.

Play Fantasy Basketball with FanDuel!

FanDuel provides one-day fantasy basketball leagues where you can win money right away. Here's how to get started.