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FanDuel: One last one-day lineup on 4/13/16

As long as we don't see a ton of last-second changes tonight, these players should be in line to have solid performances.

Wizards vs. Hornets postgame links and roll call

A feel good win as we head to the work week

Wizards at Pistons postgame links and roll call

A review of Friday's loss.

FanDuel: Be on the lookout for resting players

Don't fall victim to star players not scoring any points because you forgot to check an hour before gametime!

Links: The Wizards' season is nearing its end

The dissatisfaction's high, and that's the theme for this week.

FanDuel: A lineup to try for 4/2/16

No star point guards tonight...

Wizards vs. Lakers postgame links and roll call

Reviewing our last against a legend.

Wizards vs. Timberwolves postgame links and roll call

This loss hurt bad.

FanDuel: A lineup to consider for 3/26/16

Let's see if the Wolves can keep putting up numbers after their win against the Wizards on Friday. Sure, it was a 2OT game, but this team's very young.

FanDuel: A lineup to consider for 3/19/16

Let's hope these guys are competitive in those 50/50 leagues...

Wizards vs. Bulls postgame links and roll call

Plenty of great food just in time for March Madness!

FanDuel: My lineup for 3/2/16

It's the beginning of March, so it's time for another weekly look at who I'm starting in my lineup. Wish me luck.

FanDuel: My lineup for 2/27/16

I usually don't pick two franchise point guards on the same day when they play each other. But tonight, why not?

Wizards at Bulls postgame links and roll call

It's a bleak Thursday after last night....

Links: All-Star Weekend, the Morris Trade, & more

The Wizards played just one game in the last seven days. But there was still plenty of news nevertheless.

FanDuel: My lineup for 2/18/16

Here's one nine-man lineup to consider for your one-day fantasy leagues tonight.

Wiz at Knicks postgame links and roll call

Let's review Tuesday's big win here.

FanDuel: My lineup for 2/9/16

Take a look at a lineup to consider for Tuesday's games which finally has a more Wizards-feel to it!

FanDuel: My lineup on 2/3/16

Nope, I didn't pick John Wall or Stephen Curry. I have a salary cap and other positions to manage.

Wiz vs. Thunder postgame links and roll call

Let's review Monday's loss...

In 1-day fantasy, raw production > efficiency

In a day and age where we over-analyze statistical efficiency, FanDuel makes things a lot easier for you in one regard.

10 non All-Star players who are having a great January

They will help you win more games in fantasy basketball.

Links: Wiz go 2-2 as they head to the season midpoint

We have a good number of stories on what should be a very snowy Friday.

Links: Wiz win three in a row, Wall changes agents

Let's revisit a good week at the office for the Wizards.

FanDuel: What leagues are "easiest" or "big money?"

Let's go through some of the core logistics on how the system works.

Links: Wiz lose 2 in a row, KD2DC columns, more

Check out our top stories of the week by our team here at BF.

Who did I pick for 1-day fantasy on 1/8/16?

Take a look at the players I selected for one-day fantasy basketball for tonight's games.

The fantasy stats behind Wall's December

Yes, we know Wall's one of the best point guards in the NBA and he had a great December. But his fantasy production since then has been arguably even more impressive.

Top stories to begin your happy new year!

We wish you a happy 2016, and share you some of the top stories of the past week.

Top stories of the week: Wizards are trending up!

Let's share some main storylines on the Wizards' three-game win streak over the past seven days.

Temple's becoming a must in 1-day fantasy games

The Wizards' reserve guard has shown his true potential during Bradley Beal's absence. He's also become a cost-effective option in your one-day fantasy lineups.

Who did I pick in my fantasy lineup on 12/19/15?

I share you my FanDuel lineup in one league, and a rationale for each player.