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Quality Shots

Random Washington Wizards miscellany.

Who are the greatest Wizards of all time? Let's ask ChatGPT

I asked for the AI site for the greatest Wizards and it provided an interesting list.

A thorough examination of Tommy Sheppard’s dismissal

We covered all aspects of his firing on a special episode of the Bleav in Wizards podcast and what ramifications it could have moving forward.

Miller clarified his anti-tanking message

Miller wanted to make clear that he wasn’t taking shots at fans after the Wizards’ win over the San Antonio Spurs last Friday.

Miller takes a stand against the Wizards losing on purpose

The Wizards’ play-by-play announcer takes issue with people who are pro-tanking.

What did you do during the All-Star Break?

Michael Jordan is 60 today!

The one-time Wizards guard and now-Charlotte Hornets owner is ... a senior citizen ... for real!?

Sam Dekker provides some valuable perspective on Johnny Davis’s rookie season struggles

Dekker, also a Wisconsin alum, was able to shed some light on what’s likely going on with Davis based on his own firsthand experience.

How was life the last time the Wizards beat the Spurs?

Here are 23 things about how life has changed since the Wizards last beat the Spurs in 1999.

2023 NBA All-Star Predictions

In the most competitive NBA ever, who will make the All-Star team?

Ranking the Wizards’ 2022-23 uniforms

Just over halfway through the season, taking a look at the best and worst looks of the year.

Wall learned about trade to Rockets from Westbrook

The former Washington Wizards franchise player told about how he got traded to the Houston Rockets before the start of the 2020-21 NBA season.

Kuzma remains 7th among East frontcourt players

The second returns are out.

Who designed Kuz’s pink sweater?

I have a quota to meet here!

Kuzma’s mom states that her son loves D.C. and the Wizards

Karri reads everyone’s tweets!

An update on why the Wizards’ attendance ranks low

Capital One Arena is the fourth largest NBA arena, but the Wizards are still in the bottom 10 for the raw number of filled seats.

At least 3 Wizards players were at the Davis vs. Garcia fight

Bradley Beal, Rui Hachimura and Kyle Kuzma were among those in attendance.

The Top 10 stories on Bullets Forever in 2022

We checked Google Analytics and found what the top stories were this year.

How will the Wizards market internationally if Rui and/or Deni leave?

The two forwards have been key behind the Wizards’ attempts to increase their international reach. But I’m wondering how long that lasts should they leave sooner rather than later.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Wizards

We suggested resolutions that the players, coaches, and front office should adopt.

Do the Wizards deserve an All-Star selection?

With All-Star voting open, who from the Wizards — if anyone — deserves to make it?

Most Wizards fans have NO confidence in the team right now

Things are not going well for the Washington Wizards right now. At all. And fans are sick and tired of it.

Poll: Should the Wizards’ broadcast have spent more time on Wall?

There was criticism after Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Check out highlights of Wall’s return to D.C. last night

The Los Angeles Clippers guard was back for homecoming.

What were your favorite moments of John Wall’s career with the Wizards?

Fans will get to see the former Wizards franchise player tonight for the first time since he was traded in the 2020-21 NBA season.

Wizards fans give NBCSW neutral to good reviews of coverage

Not bad.

The Wizards still have poor home attendance

They are worst in percentage of seats filled compared to every other team in the league

Beal was a guest on Arenas’ “No Chill” show

Watch the two chat it up here.

How do you grade the Wizards’ broadcasts on NBCSW?

This is the first season the network has been completely owned by Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Finding the next Jordan Goodwin

Who is the next success story to come from the Capital City Go-Go? There are several potential candidates.

Is the Wizards “Big 3” really a Big 3?

Troy Haliburton and I discussed this Wizards’ core, how they can build around them, and the overall direction of the team.

Why hasn’t NBCSW changed its name yet?

It’s because any such changes take time and there is a transition process in place. That said, it’s likely that NBC Sports Washington will change its name next season.

Kuzma gives fans an update on his pink sweater

For now, he has archived the sweater by Raf Simons.