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Bullets Forever Glossary

Player nicknames

  • Agent Zero = A nickname for Gilbert Arenas coined by the Wizznutzz.
  • Hibachi! = Another nickname for Gilbert Arenas which came about after he started shouting the term when he got hot from the field.
  • Tough/Tuff Juice = A nickname for Caron Butler coined by former coach Eddie Jordan. There have been several debates over whether or not he should be called "Tough Juice" or "Tuff Juice" with no real conclusion.
  • The Last Man Standing = Nickname given to Antawn Jamison for his ability to avoid the injury bug that has plagued the team the last two seasons.
  • Bulletproof = Andray Blatche, for his ability to survive car jackings. Some have contested that a more suitable nickname that doesn't bring up those memories should be identified, but none has really stuck.
  • Epic Vale, Kill Mode, Chee$e, Choppa = Nicknames for JaVale McGee. The first nickname was coined by Ball Don't Lie's J.E. Skeets, the next two came about as a result of this article, and the final one is the byproduct of having freakishly long arms.
  • Taser = Nickname coined for Dominic McGuire by BF user Vanilla Gorilla. Whenever McGuire comes up with a block or a dunk, it's common to see someone say "Don't tase me bro!"
  • Locksmith, Mister 50 = Nicknames for DeShawn Stevenson that have stuck, despite the fact that he hasn't lived up to his defensive reputation lately and he no longer shoots anywhere near 50%.
  • Stewie = Nickname for Oleksiy Pecherov based on his resemblance to the character from Family Guy.
  • The Potomac Rainmaker = Nickname for former Wizard and D.C. native Roger Mason Jr.
  • Buck and Phil: Nicknames for the Wizards' TV announcers, Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier.
  • Supernanny = Nickname for Mike James because of his appearance on the television show of the same name.
  • Brenda = Derisive nickname for Brendan Haywood during the beginning of his career. He's grown out of that as his game has matured, but you'll still see the nickname referred to from time to time.
  • Note: There are other nicknames that float around, but most of them are just variant of their actual names that you should be able to deduce on your own.

Other terms/memes