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PSA by Pro'Verb is your community hype!

What's that? The community elected their hype king? Okay, NOW the playoffs can start.

Pick your community hype. VOTE!


The Hype Train Cometh, Post Your Hype Now

The Bullets Forever hype elimination round hath arrived. Post your best tracks/lyrics/etc. and may the not-worst posters make it to the final run-off on April 20th for the title of KING.

Help us come up with a Wizards playoff song

What would Wizards fandom be without a mess of hardcore fans carrying the fire all by their lonesome? Here's to you, rugged Wizards fan. Write your best hype, lay your best beats and bring 'em on April 18th for the glory of fandom.

A wacky, PTI-style Porter/Noel debate

A quick (and hopefully humorous) dip into the counter-factual as a reminder to keep from going off the deep end on your fellow dewd.

Are Wizards fans crazy?

Ever wanted to hear a blogger pretend to psychoanalyze the fanbase he happily counts himself a part of using the voice of a pseudo-British psychiatrist? Of course you have. And it's a Wizards fan!

Olympics 2012: Proposed U23 Requirement In Keeping With Spirit Of The Games

The NBA and FIBA are in talks to create a World Cup of Basketball, shifting premium talent by introducing a U23 age requirement to the Games. Whatever the motive, isn't watching transcendental dominance from unknowns what the Olympics is really about

Bullet Points: Run Up To The 2012 NBA Draft Edition

Welcome back to my irregular column,Bullet Points; where I go off about whatever grinds my gears. Today's edition looks at the run-up to the draft and a hypothetical situation that hopefully stays that way.

Matching Theme Songs With Washington Wizards Players And Staff, Past And Present

Care to match Wizards players past and present to their theme song? Of course you do.

Bullet Points: Where #Wizards Travel Well, Nene Hilario Gets A Max Deal(?) and New Miami (York) In The Offing

Five things I'm looking forward to... NBA edition

What The Bullets Forever Community Is Grateful For

Bullet Points: Lockout Edition, Spending Matters In The NBA And Water Is Wet

Has a player special interest hijacked the NBA lockout and the season? Only if you believe spending causes winning.

Avoiding The Club (And Possible Violence) For Professional Athletes Is Sensible, But So What?

The recent NYC club shooting had a number of celebrity and NBA names hovering in the periphery and there's been the predictable outcry? resentful muttering? of fans wishing their stars would just stay home. It isn't particularly novel, but I'd like to remind them that's not about to happen.

Restraint in Battle: David Stern's Pyrrhic Victory And The Art Of War

The NBA's lockout strategy has been executed with an implacable inexorability George Orwell would admire. It's a fine example of total warfare, except the league has to live with side they're trying to break.

Bullet Points: Dan Gilbert Has Last Laugh (In Comic Sans) While Fake Season Saves Lives

The 11/11 Weekend Edition of Bullet Points takes a quick look at how little progress has actually been made in the NBA lockout negotiations over the last three weeks. Thank baby jeebus for the (fake) season at Bullets Forever.

NBA Lockout: Consequences Of Violating The Community Trust

The NBA lockout is about to end, go the distance, or engage in one last round of white-knuckle negotiations. Looking back, what are the consequences of not taking the best possible care of what one owner called 'a community trust'?

Bullet Points: That Rascally Michael Jordan, Return Of The Mediator And Is It A Trap?

November 8th's edition of Bullet Points talks about Michael Jordan, a 37% BRI split and just what George Cohen's return to the table could mean.

NBA Lockout: Sheltering In The Penumbra of The NFL Season, What Comes After?

The NBA lockout has sheltered behind the NFL regular season, but as the NFL playoff picture comes into focus, I'm betting the public at-large finally notices the battle being waged. It's possible serious national media attention causes both sides to dig in further...but I hope not.

Bullet Points: Going The Distance For "Competitive Balance"

Today's edition of Bullet Points jabs at the owners and their dogged pursuit of "competitve balance". Oh, and life sucks for D-league call-ups.

NBA Lockout: Kneel Before Zod

The gloves have finally come off. No more quarter and it's a simple matter to conclude from yesterday's pressers that the message from David Stern and the owners is loud and clear: Kneel Before Zod.

The NBAPA has no choice now - they must blink first.

The NBAPA has no choice now - they must blink first.

What Are The Chances The NBA Lockout Turns Into A Political Football?

The economy is such a land mine in political discussion, that the NBA lockout's impact upon it can only tiptoe through the tulips so long. But how long?

Lockout Time Capsule: How Serious Was David Stern About Canceling The Entire Season?

Lockout Time Capsule: How Serious Was David Stern About Canceling The Entire Season?

Could Superman and the Flash Join Forces? Don't Forget, This is DC.

The Dwight Howard trade machine is always humming somehwere, get your fix today at Bullets Forever. The Wizards have got a LOT of youth and cap flexibility, if Dwight becomes available, Otis Smith will listen.

NBA 2k12 Player Ratings: John Wall Leads Wizards At 82

Where The NBA Lockout And Real-Time Strategy Games Collide

The NBA lockout has claimed its first casualties and both camps are on the move. Naturally, you're thinking it's just like a video game.

Attendance Numbers Low At Las Vegas Impact League, Is Anyone Surprised?

Some are surprised attendance has been sparse at the Las Vegas Impact League. Except attendance was never the point, and it's not the players who need to take notice; it's the NBA.

Looking Across Town: Rebuilding In The NBA Versus The NFL

The Washington Redskins and a rebuilding effort that has started off on the right foot begs the question for Wizards' faithful: what are some of the differences between rebuilding in the NBA and the NFL?

NBA Lockout: It's Up To The Players To Put Brakes On Agent-Union Strife

Agents are a dangerous group to keep in the dark if the union knows more than they're saying about what bargaining concessions they're willing to make. That said, this minority is accountable to no one but the players, and should the players fail to excise a measure of restraint, the coming season could be well and truly lost.

Is The NBA Committed To Ending The Lockout?

The recent agreement to cease public rhetoric and potshots means we're about to find out just how commited the NBA is ending the lockout. Will David and Stern and Co. be comfortable with no progress AND no media silence? We're about to find out.

A Call For International Games To Be Televised

The international basketball game has a chance to advance its cause in the U.S. like never before. Unprecedented exposure awaits the teams that are able to sign big names, but can the world take advantage.