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NBA Playoffs 2015: Wizards vs. Hawks

Game 4 Preview: Wiz take on Hawks at home

Without John Wall once again, the Wizards will look to use their frontcourt to take a two-game lead in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Paul Pierce is the Michael Jordan D.C. deserves

Welcome to the last hurrah Washington D.C. signed up for fourteen long years ago.

The step back that saved Washington

Atlanta may think Paul Pierce's game winner was pure luck, but The Truth's track record of delivering at the buzzer suggests otherwise.

The Truth delivers one hell of a Mother's Day gift

Paul Pierce didn't just make a game-winning shot for the Wizards in Game 3. He also delivered one of the best Mother's Day presents ever for all the moms in attendance.

Recap: Pierce wins Game 3 for the Wiz at the horn

The Wizards refused to let John Wall's injury derail the Wizards' playoff hopes as they stormed to a convincing win in Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead.

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Otto Porter with the dunk

Have you ever felt so alive? I haven't.

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Otto Porter with a nice reverse layup

Apparently Go-Go Gadget Arms still has more tools he hasn't shown us.

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Robin Ficker at Game 3

Nice to see Robin Ficker at the game today.

Game 3 Fourth Quarter GameThread

Discuss Wizards vs. Hawks here.

Game 3 Third Quarter GameThread

Discuss Wizards vs. Hawks here.

Game 3 Second Quarter GameThread

Discuss Wizards vs. Hawks here.

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Wall "unlikely" to play Game 3, according to sources

Most of us probably saw this coming, but it's still a big, slimy, bitter pill to swallow.

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Game. Pierce lifts Wiz to Game 3 victory

The Wizards are up 2-1 in their series against the Hawks thanks to a game winning shot at the buzzer from Paul Pierce.

Preview: Wiz look for Game 3 win, Wall or no Wall

With John Wall likely out for Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks, the Wizards will need a big performance from Ramon Sessions as well as other key players to take an advantage in the series.

Wall is taking his wrist treatment "day by day"

The swelling around the Wizards star's wrist has gone down, but he remains noncommittal about whether to play Saturday in Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks.

Wittman upset over report on Wall's "clash"

Randy Wittman sounded off Friday afternoon after a report said John Wall "clashed" with the Wizards' medical staff over his initial diagnosis.

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Wall unsure of his status for Game 3

It's good to hear the window is still open for Game 3. For as much dread as there's been, his performance after hurting his wrist in Game 1 shouldn't be ignored. Wall had 12 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks and was a +6 in the 23 minutes sustaining the injury. If the swelling can go down enough for him to play -- which certainly isn't a given as you'll learn from Jorge Castillo's excellent piece -- he's already shown he can be effective.

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Wall injures hand/wrist: Full coverage

After undergoing multiple examinations, the Wizards announced that John Wall has five non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand, which put his status for Game 3 and onward in doubt.

How the Wiz move forward without Wall

Whether he's sidelined or not, the Wizards will be a much different team moving forward in these playoffs. Here's what needs to happen for them to make it out of the second round.

Wiz announce Wall has fractures in wrist & hand

After undergoing multiple examinations, the Wizards announced that John Wall has five non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand, which put his status for Game 3 and onward in doubt.

Beal needs to read Atlanta's defense better

Bradley Beal showed some promising signs as the Wizards' primary option in Game 2, but still has some areas to grow moving forward.

Otto's ceiling might be higher than we realized

Otto Porter showed off some new skills in his dazzling performance against the Hawks in Game 2.

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3 Takeaways from Games 1 & 2 vs. the Hawks

We've seen that the Wizards will only go as far as John Wall will let them, that their big men must improve, and that Otto Porter is turning a corner at the right time.

John Wall to get third opinion on wrist injury

Another doctor will check the Wizards star's left wrist later this week. Here's to hoping that there's nothing new from this opinion.

Recap: Midnight Pain in Georgia as Wiz drop Game 2

Ramon Sessions and Otto Porter had big games, but it wasn't enough to overcome John Wall's absence as the Wizards dropped Game 2 in Atlanta.

Wizards vs. Hawks Game 2 post-game show

Michael D. Sykes and Jon Munshaw break down how the Wizards played without John Wall against the Hawks in Game 2.

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Hawks fans bust out the "PAUL PIERCE SUCKS" chant

People just won't learn will they?

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Hand it over: Wizards drop Game 2 without Wall

The Wizards kept it closer than you may have expected without John Wall, who couldn't play due to a hand injury, but a loss is still a loss.

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John Wall will play in Game 2, despite inflated hand

This is Wall's left wrist. Its badly swollen #WizardsTalk @csnma #WizHawks

A photo posted by J. Michael (@johnniequest007) on

Look at that thing. If it was filled with helium John Wall might not be able to stay on the ground.

Preview: Wiz aim to extend streak in Game 2

The Wizards are looking to jump out to a 2-0 lead against the Hawks and win their sixth straight playoff game Tuesday night in Atlanta.

Millsap: Hawks "internally" won Game 1

Excuse us while we "externally" LOL.

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Beal will play in Game 2

It's good to hear the swelling isn't bad, but you still have to be worried about anything that affects Beal's lift on his jumper. Hopefully it works out.