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NBA Playoffs 2014: Wizards vs. Bulls

Nene throws Bulls' gameplan in their faces

Washington's fourth quarter had been dreadful during the regular season as opponents buckled down and took away their three-point shooting. But in Game 1 against the Bulls, they put the ball in the hands of the Big Brazilian, and he delivered.

Wizards win with the quality symphonic

Game one of Wizards-Bulls is in the books, and the Washington grinded out a tough victory that has every high school coach in the country nodding and reaching for their copy of Hoosiers.

Your Wizards-Bulls (PLAYOFF) game thread

Discuss the game here.

Game 1 preview: Can the Wiz steal one?

The Washington Wizards head to Chicago for their first playoff game in six years. Here's what you need to know.

Show us your good luck charms

Show us what Wizards good-luck charms you're bringing out for the team's first playoff game in six years.

Featured Fanshot

Nene will be on a minutes restriction

The question is: how long?

Time for some predictions

We're all predicting a long series, but with a couple exceptions, we're taking the good guys to upset the Chicago Bulls.

D.C. United congratulates the Wizards in a video

Watch the video here. It's great to see that other sports teams in Washington, D.C. are supporting the Wizards as they head to the postseason.

Most predictions have Bulls in 6

Here are as many predictions for Bulls-Wizards that I could find.

Wiz must keep it simple with Beal

Bradley Beal has struggled against Chicago throughout his career because he's been placed into situations he's not prepared to face. For him to stay productive in this series, the Wizards would be wise to lighten his workload a bit and keep it simple

Report: Nene will start Game 1

The Big Brazilian will reclaim his starting gig after recovering from injury, according to one report.

Simmons picks Wiz to Eastern Conference Finals

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe discussed the Washington-Chicago series on the B.S. Report today and had some encouraging things to say about the Wizards.

Can Wittman change the narrative?

Randy Wittman has overcome some obstacles this season, but if he ever wants to be known for anything more than just a retread head coach, he'll have to hold his own against the great Tom Thibodeau. Can he do it?

Nene is the key to victory

If the Big Brazilian is healthy, active and engaged, the Wizards can beat the Bulls in a seven-game series. If not, they're in trouble.

Live chat with two Bulls experts is over

Two of the head writers from SB Nation's Bulls community came by at noon to answer all your Chicago questions. Here's the archive.

This will be John Wall's biggest test

The scouting report on John Wall is simple: force him into jumpers and take away his passes into the corner. So how can he lift Washington past this Chicago team in his first-ever playoff series with a defense keying in on him?

Time to get hyped

While a long playoff run will help generate attention, creating buzz about the Wizards' postseason trip is also a two way street. What can we do to help?

Your Wizards-Bulls schedule

Game 1 will be Sunday at 7 p.m. on TNT, and Game 4 will be on ABC.

Bring on the Bulls

The Washington Wizards (44-38) will face the Chicago Bulls (49-33) in round one of the Eastern Conference Playoffs after sliding ahead of Brooklyn on the season's final day.