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NBA Playoffs 2014: Wizards vs. Bulls

Playoff Pixels (Game 5): HOW 'BOUT THEM WIZARDS?!?

We've been expecting this for a week or so now, but wow, they actually did it. The Wizards (THE WIZARDS!!!) won a playoff series. Bring on the second round. WOOO!!

Trevor Ariza: The Swiss Army knife

Trevor Ariza has been an integral part of the Wizards' defensive scheme throughout the year, but he stepped up another level against the Bulls. The Wizards don't win without his contributions.

Wizards finally come together

An inconsistent team all year finally found its identity when it mattered most. Now, the Eastern Conference Finals are a legitimate possibility.

Wizards finish off the Bulls, 75-69

Trevor Booker, Marcin Gortat, and Nene all came up huge in the decisive Game 5, as they helped the Wizards out-rebound Chicago 49-43, enabling the Wizards to win, 75-69, and advance to the second round.

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The Wizards have done it. With a 75-69 win over the Chicago Bulls, the Washington Wizards have advanced to the second round for only the third time since 1979.

Your Wizards-Bulls game thread (Part 1)

Discuss the first half here.

Game 5 preview: Reverse jinx? Reverse jinx

The Wizards have a chance to close this series out in Chicago tonight, but only a fool would play up Washington's chance to win tonight. Luckily, an even BIGGER fool will attempt to play it down.

Watch party tonight at Public bar

Join us and the editors/readers of Truth About It, Wizards Xtra and Hoop District for a special event for Game 5.

Playoff Pixels (Game 4): Stepping up without Nene

After losing a tight Game 3 and learning Nene would be suspended for Game 4, the Wizards seemed almost fated to a 2-2 series tie with the Bulls. But in #NotSoWizards fashion, Washington reestablished control of the series with a convincing 98-89 win.

Breakdown: How the D set the tone early in Game 4

Despite defensive anchor Nene sidelined due to suspension in Game 4, the rest of the starters for Washington stepped up and set the tone very early. We break down the ways they were able stifle Chicago's offense.

House of Guards lead Wiz to 3-1 series lead

John Wall and Bradley Beal grew up, Trevor Ariza got hot and the Washington Wizards controlled Game 4 from start to finish without Nene, dominating for a 98-89 win and a 3-1 series lead.

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No Nene, no problem: Wiz go up 3-1

No Nene, no problem. The Wizards head back to Chicago with a 3-1 series lead after topping Chicago on Sunday afternoon.

Time to see how the Wiz respond to a loss

The Washington Wizards will play the Chicago Bulls at Verizon Center in Game 4 of their playoff series today. Here's what you need to know.

4 important travel advisories for Game 4

The Washington Wizards need to have another rowdy atmosphere for Sunday. But don't let traffic from other planned events in Washington put a damper on your game experience, so here are some advisories for Game 4.

The agony of fandom and other things

If the end of Wizards-Bulls Game 3 hurt you in your feels, you aren't alone, Wizards fan. But in the end, this what the playoffs are.

How Dunleavy broke loose

The Wizards defense had no answer in game 3 for Mike Dunleavy Jr who dropped a franchise record 8 threes in their win on Friday night. We explore several breakdowns defensively, and what they need to do to make sure it doesn't occur in game 4.

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The empire strikes back: Bulls take Game 3

The wild Wizards crowd was ready, but the cagey Bulls fought back, surviving late for a 100-97 win to cut Washington's series lead to 2-1. Worse, Nene was ejected in the fourth quarter and could face a possible suspension.

Featured Fanshot

Joakim Noah, Wiz security guard involved in "heated exchange"


Featured Fanshot

How the red, white and blue shirt alignment came to fruition

Very cool that the Wizards listened to this fan's suggestion and implemented it.

This won't be a typical Wizards home game

Yes, the Wizards have been a mediocre home team this year. No, they will not be playing in front of their typical home crowd in Game 3.

3 important travel advisories for Game 3

Here are some advisories to our fellow fans who are attending Friday's Washington Wizards playoff game against the Chicago Bulls.

Ain't no luck

Game 3 is coming up in the Wizards-Bulls first round match-up and 'Game 5, if necessary', doesn't mean what you thought it could. Luck has nothing to do with it.

How Nene is lighting Noah up

SB Nation network partner Coach Nick details how Nene is taking Joakim Noah's textbook defense and lighting him up anyway. You can view all of Coach Nick's videos on his YouTube channel.

The series isn't over yet

Yes, the Wizards lead 2-0 and are coming home, but that doesn't mean you should be popping the champagne just yet. There are still two more games to be won.

Wittman's two crucial in-game adjustments

Wizards coach Randy Wittman once again came out on top against Tom Thibodeau with a brilliant game plan in the fourth quarter. We explore two tweaks that really turned the tide.

Ariza locks up Augustin late

One huge key to victory: the Wizards' small forward locked up the one Chicago player that was lighting the Wizards up.

Wiz take 2-0 lead after winning OT thriller

The Washington Wizards had an early big lead and they fell down by as much as 10, but managed to get the game back to overtime and held on for a 101-99 win and a 2-0 series lead. WOW.

Your Wizards-Bulls first half thread

Discuss the first half here.

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Oh my god they won again

Somehow, the Wizards won again. Plagued for so long by stifling Bulls defense, the Wizards found the extra gear again, rallying to force overtime, then holding off another Chicago rally for a 101-99 victory.

Your Wizards-Bulls game thread (Part I)

Discuss the pregame here.

What adjustments might we see?

Will we see major changes from Tom Thibodeau's squad? Here's what we think after watching the film.

Wizards release list of playoff events & giveaways

Find out where the Wizards' viewing party will be for Game 2 on Tuesday, as well as more details on their giveaways for Games 3 and 4 which will be at Verizon Center.