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NBA Free Agency

Wizards, Delon Wright reach buyout agreement

Wright intends to sign with the Miami Heat.

Report: Wizards to sign Trey Jemison

Jemison currently plays for the Birmingham Squadron of the NBA G-League.

Wizards sign Diallo & Kalscheur to Exhibit 10 contracts

They waived Devon Dotson and Michael Foster, Jr. as well.

Wizards officially sign Devon Dotson to Exhibit 10 contract

Dotson also played for the Wizards last year in six games.

Taj Gibson re-signs with Wizards

Gibson agreed to a one-year, $3.2 million contract.

John Wall refutes reports that he is signing with an Italian club

Wall tweeted, or "Xed" in response to reports that he may be going to Armani Milan in Italy.

Jared Butler signs two-way contract with Wizards

Butler comes to Washington after stints in OKC and Utah

Omoruyi signs two-way contract with the Wizards

Omoruyi has played two NBA seasons so far in his career.

Wizards officially announce Kuzma re-signing

Kuzma returns to Washington during an offseason where the team decided to rebuild.

What’s he worth? Estimating free agent values

The Wizards re-sign Kyle Kuzma in free agency

He will sign a four-year, $102M deal.

Should the Wizards sign Chris Paul?

The first-ballot hall-of-famer was reportedly waived by the Suns Wednesday.

Report: Wizards expected to be aggressive during free agency

Michael Winger and Co. will waste no time in shaping the Wizards to their liking.

Westbrook to sign with Clippers after buyout

The Washington Wizards were in consideration until the end though.

Kuzma to test unrestricted free agency in 2023

This move is not a surprise, regardless of whether the Wizards are playing well or not. But why did it have to be said out loud?

Should the Wizards sign Hachimura to an extension?

The Washington Wizards only have a few days to decide on Hachimura’s extension with plenty of reasons to extend the 4th-year forward... and reasons not to.

Report: Taj Gibson to sign with the Wizards

The veteran post is clearing waivers and has 13 previous seasons in the NBA.

After their moves, the Wizards must try to compete, for better or worse

The Wizards have made moves to address their offense, defense and have committed to Bradley Beal long term. Now, they have no choice to but to try to see if it all works out.

Wizards officially re-sign Beal, reportedly for the supermax

The Wizards guard will sign a five-year supermax deal per reports.

Bryant signs with the Lakers for a one year minimum deal

The former Washington Wizards center fell out of the rotation in the 2021-22 season but gets a chance to reboot his career with a star-loaded team.

Wizards officially re-sign Gill

The 29-year-old is officially returning for his third season with Washington on a two-year contract.

Report: Neto signs with the Cavaliers

After two seasons, the point guard is taking his talents to Ohio.

NBA Free Agency 2022: Day 2 Open Thread

Chat about today’s moves here.

Wizards announce intention to re-sign Beal

As we stated previously, Beal’s intent is to sign for the supermax, now worth about $251 million over five years.

Wizards sign free agent Delon Wright

After dealing for Morris and Barton, do the Wizards still have the appetite for a “big swing”?

NBA Free Agency 2022: Wizards tender qualifying offer to Anthony Gill

Gill enters restricted free agency this week.

Wall expected to sign with Clippers after buyout

The former Washington Wizards franchise player will be heading to L.A. assuming there are no hiccups in the next couple weeks

NBA Free Agency 2022: Beal expected to sign supermax

Don’t blame Brad for making his money. All $248 million of it!

Wizards sign Mintz and Jackson to Exhibit 10 contracts

Expect to see the players on the Wizards for Summer League in a couple weeks.

Report: Satoransky is headed to FC Barcelona

Satoransky will be leaving the Wizards and the NBA on his own terms.

McGrady suggests that Beal should leave the Wizards

Like Beal, McGrady was a prolific scorer on several NBA teams but never was on a championship-caliber team for most of his career.