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Mystics at Mercury recap: Washington blows it up 97-77

The Mystics beat the Mercury after an impressive first quarter

Minnesota Lynx v Washington Mystics Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

This win feels bitter sweet

This was a much needed win for the Mystics to keep their efforts to climb up the seedings as the season comes to an end. The Mystics have had many injuries and many of their players have recently come back, most importantly Delle Donne. However, today it was announced by the team that Kristi Toliver won’t be back this season from her ACL injury.

Still, it was a nice win albeit against a bad team. The Mystics blew it open on the road already in the first quarter where they literally could not miss. The score after 10 minutes was 31—19!

The rest of the game was extended garbage time, as the Mystics kept it at a comfortable 20 or more lead for large parts of the game.

Delle Donne had herself a night with 24 points in 24 minutes.

Given the comfortable lead, it is a bit perplexing why Cloud, Sykes, Walker-Kimbrough all logged 30+ minutes

The Mystics now sit just below 0.500 at 18—20 with a chance to equal their record against Atlanta at home on Friday night and at New York on Sunday, for the last two games of the season.