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Mystics vs. Lynx recap: Washington finally prevail over Minnesota 83-72

The Mystics beat the Lynx after losing to them 3 times this year

Minnesota Lynx v Washington Mystics Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

This win feels good

After three consecutive losses to the Lynx this year (one in preseason, true), the Mystics were totally ready to finally get one under their belt. And this win is particularly sweet, as it also advances the Mystics just barely above the Lynx in the overall WNBA rankings, as the Mystics are now half (or a quarter, really?) a game ahead at 17-18 compared to the Lynx’ 17-19. Even though this is still sub-0.500, it’s still good for 5th overall in the league.

The Mystics had Delle Donne back for two games, and guess what? They’re 2-0 in that stretch (small sample size and all!). She only played 23 minutes and scored 10 points, but was an impressive +14 in those 23 minutes. As they say, it’s the little things sometimes. Sykes was hot from deep, going 3-for-6, to the tune of 21 points in 33 minutes (and 6-6 from the charity stripe). Cloud was also effective in getting to the line, scoring on 6 of those 8 opportunities even though she bricked from the field (2-for-13).

Overall, the Mystics went for 12-from-25 from deep for one of their best shooting performances of the season. The Lynx went 9-from-26 and that was pretty much the difference in the game.

Also, the Lynx’ head coach Cheryl Reeve pulled a Thibodeau, grinding Napheesa Collier and Kayla McBride for 39 and 36 minutes, respectively.

The Mystics now fly over to Nevada, to face the Aces once again, on Thursday night.