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2023 Mystics Media Day: Natasha Cloud proclaimed Washington is the best defensive team in the league

We already know if Cloud says it then it’s a fact so get ready!

Los Angeles Sparks v Washington Mystics Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Going into this season, the Washington Mystics were the best defensive team in the league in 2022. Natasha Cloud, however, made it clear that Washington is the best defensive team in the league this season during Media Day on Monday.

Why? Well let’s break it down a bit.

Last season, Washington had a defensive rating of 96.0 holding opponents to 75.9 points per game and 43 percent in shooting. Getting Brittney Sykes in the offseason, who has made the All-Defensive team three times, and adding her with Ariel Atkins (five-time All-Defensive) and Cloud (two-time All-Defensive) just gives the true meaning of lockdown defense. Imagine as the opposing team having to deal with just those three, not even anyone else who could step it up defensively as well.

Now you understand why Cloud made that statement on top of the fact having a top defensive team leads to a great and “better transition offensive team” which was a key component in winning the championship in 2019.