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2023 Mystics Media Day: Ariel Atkins speaks on clothing line and growth of women’s basketball

Ariel Atkins…more than basketball

Indiana Fever v Washington Mystics Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

One of the greatest things about Ariel Atkins is her creativity and voice off the court. Loving the game of basketball is one thing, but true personality really shines off the court when players are able to be themselves and show you who they really are.

At first glance, Atkins seemed quiet and reserved just doing her thing on the court but as time passed, we got to hear more of her voice as well as her passions and advocacy. Atkins stated when completing her clothing line the biggest thing she learned was that “if you want to do something, you really can do whatever you want. It’s a matter of finding the resources, finding people that are willing to help you, and just putting it out there.”

Atkins even gave her thoughts on the growth of women’s basketball and how visibility is the key to keeping it growing.