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The WNBA is expected to announce an expansion team today

The team is reportedly in the Bay Area. And this news will affect the Mystics in some indirect ways.

2023 WNBA Playoffs - Connecticut Sun v New York Liberty Photo by Mike Lawrence/NBAE via Getty Images

Expansion is one of the most discussed topics in the WNBA among fans. The league has not announced a new expansion franchise since 2008, though some teams have moved to different cities in that timeframe. There are two reasons why. First, the league is getting more popular nationwide. And second, the league doesn’t have enough roster spots for the talent in the league.

Last week, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic reported that the Golden State Warriors ownership group was close to finalizing a deal to bring an expansion team to the Bay Area, which Joe Viray of Golden State of Mind elaborated on.

The WNBA also isn’t denying anything itself when you look at its X posts.

And if that weren’t enough, Lindsay Schnell of USA Today wrote that the WNBA is set to announce later today that the league will expand with a Bay Area team. That team will start playing in 2025.

Schnell also added that the WNBA would also like to add one more team before 2025 in the not-too-distant future.

What does this mean for the Mystics? For them, this news means that they will have to make a decision about which players they would protect in an expansion draft. After all, expansion teams are typically among the league’s worst in their first year of play. In addition, this could affect the players they draft in 2025 and 2026, especially if they make a decision to make some major changes to the roster.

What are your thoughts on the WNBA expanding? Let us know in the comments below.