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2022 Mystics Media Day: Natasha Cloud attributes energy and leadership to the women in her family

It’s the energy and leadership for me!

Washington Mystics v Chicago Sky Photo by Kena Krutsinger/NBAE via Getty Images

Energy is the true word that represents Natasha Cloud. Energy is what exerts itself when that beat drops on Dreams and Nightmares and Philly rap artist Meek Mill begins with “Hold up wait a minute...y’all thought I was finished!” It’s what you feel and saw as she entered Media Day.

It’s pure energy that can’t be duplicated. Even her team sometimes never knows when it’ll come out.

Cloud has always been the force that keeps the team going on and off the court and it’s purely contagious. If you ask her how she feels, she’ll simply say she’s all that but most importantly she’s a leader and that’s how she has always been.

“I think that comes from how my family raised me, the environment that I was raised in. We have a lot of women in our family...a lot of strong outspoken women and so that kind of sets the standard for me,” Cloud said. “I’m a point guard through and through. I got to be the coach on the floor at all times and so whether it’s my energy...whether it’s being poised...whether it’s my play...that’s what I try to bring every single day.”

You’ll notice her coaching nature on the court as she takes on that role assisting every one of her teammates whether it’s a rookie or veteran. She’s always the type to keep everyone involved as she hopes to be more of a shooter while also capitalizing on her career-high average of 6.4 assists from the 2021 season.

A true point guard has the ability to take on many roles adjusting to the situation at hand. Cloud does that on a continuous basis, maintaining that energy for her team. Her team knows that’s who she is through and through.

“It’s very rare that I don’t come in and I’m not hype and I’m not excited. I understand that’s my role not only as one of the leaders but as a point guard too,” Cloud said. “To be consistent in that I bring the energy for the team and so I’m just going to continue to be me authentically and genuinely and that’s all I can be.”