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Myisha Hines-Allen was Corey Kispert for Halloween

The Washington Mystics forward wore the Wizards guard’s practice uniform before their game last night.

Myisha Hines-Allen was Corey Kispert for Halloween
Monumental Sports & Entertainment

When there is an NBA and WNBA team in the same city owned by the same company, there will be a lot of shared resources. That’s how things are with the Washington Wizards and Mystics. Monumental Sports & Entertainment owns both teams. The teams practice at the MedStar Health Performance Center in Congress Heights. And players on both teams are friends. It’s well known that Bradley Beal and Natasha Cloud are friends.

And it seems like Myisha Hines-Allen and Corey Kispert are too. Maybe to the point where Hines-Allen was Kispert yesterday for Halloween.

Let me explain.

Before the Wizards’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, which got the #SoWizards crowd clamoring for a blow up, as usual, Hines-Allen wore Kispert’s No. 24 practice jersey, Wizards practice shorts and even a white headband. When Kispert left the locker room, he saw Hines-Allen in his swag and was pleasantly surprised. The two took some photos as well.

Even Wizards sideline reporter and Mystics play-by-play announcer Meghan McPeak had to commentary on it. McPeak even noted that Hines-Allen wore a boot on her left foot given that Kispert has a left ankle injury!

Some folks like themed costumes such as the Beals. Others go to extravagant lengths, like German American model Heidi Klum.

All Myisha Hines-Allen had to do was walk across the hall and get Kispert’s wardrobe.