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WNBPA announces that 99 percent of WNBA players have received the coronavirus vaccine

This is great news as we head toward a post pandemic normal.

Washington Mystics v Dallas Wings
Ariel Atkins is one of the many players in the WNBA who can be presumed to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Photo by Jim Cowsert/NBAE via Getty Images

The Women’s National Basketball Players Association, the union for WNBA players, announced that 99 percent of players were vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to a press release yesterday. Since 99 percent of the players are vaccinated, that also means that essentially every WNBA player is vaccinated.

It is also notable that the WNBA has had zero positive cases of the coronavirus since the season started, as Ava Wallace of The Washington Post noted.

All of this is good news, and it contrasts with the NBA where 70 percent of players have been vaccinated as of last April according to Commissioner Adam Silver. That percentage is higher now, but there is still some hesitancy in the league. And recently, Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul was out due to coronavirus protocols, though it’s unclear whether he was vaccinated and/or tested positive.

The moral of the story? Vaccines work and get one if you haven’t already. Even as fans are allowed to enter indoor arenas, including the Entertainment and Sports Arena, the home of the Washington Mystics, players are not catching the coronavirus. Obviously, there’s a chance that one may at some point despite being vaccinated, but again, these things work and will help us get back to life closer to the way it was in 2019.