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Kim Mestdagh finally gets her 2019 WNBA championship ring

The Belgian guard, who was part of the 2019 Mystics’ WNBA championship team was unable to go to the United States to be part of a private ring ceremony. But every day is a great day to get a championship ring!

There is some very good news today from Belgium. No, it’s not about their reaction to the presidential debates last night. And it also has nothing to do with their country forming a new permanent government after 16 months of negotiations.

And the good news doesn’t involve Emma Meesseman either by the way.

Kim Mestdagh, who is also Belgian, and was part of Washington’s 2019 WNBA championship team, finally received her championship ring!

Mestdagh didn’t make the Mystics’ private championship ring ceremony last June in Loudoun County, Virginia. And since she didn’t play in the WNBA this past summer, it wasn’t like the Mystics could hand it to her before a game. But it’s definitely good news to see that Mestdagh is united with her championship ring even if it arrived after the 2020 season ended.

We hope to see you back next year Kim, even if it’s just for that championship parade the 2019 Mystics team deserved all along!