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Mystics vs. Dream GameThread

Win Mystics....Win!

Atlanta Dream v Washington Mystics Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The pressure is definitely on and this time it’s on Washington. The Mystics had a rocky season and now it all comes down to this game against the Atlanta Dream. The Mystics have to win this game if they want to secure the eighth and final playoff spot.

The Dallas Wings beat the NY Liberty earlier today meaning if Washington loses they’re out and Dallas is in, but if Washington wins they’re in. It’s going to be interesting because although the Dream are out of playoff contention, they could ruin the playoff hopes of Washington.

The Mystics have to play hard and come out strong as they’ve done in previous games or their season will end today. Regardless of the outcome this is till a season Washington can look back on and show how they’ve pushed forward despite the odds and obstacles in their way.

All in all....Mystics just win!