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Aerial Powers is in a Twitter war with Andre Iguodala after he complimented her ... without mentioning her name

The Miami Heat guard complimented the Washington Mystics guard’s performance yesterday but didn’t mention her name. She took it as an insult.

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Indiana Fever v Washington Mystics
Aerial Powers isn’t happy with Andre Iguodala right now.
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Mystics guard Aerial Powers is not a happy camper now because of a tweet Miami Heat guard Andre Iguodala wrote last night. She scored 27 points in the Mystics’ 94-89 win over the Connecticut Sun yesterday.

Iguodala liked the performance and gave her a shoutout ... but didn’t say her name.

The Mystics, at least officially, were pleased.

But Powers? Not so much. She actually took it as an insult if anything.

And many WNBA fans are also taking this comment as an insult, going to her defense.

We live in an era of social media mobs, especially when things like this happen. I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong with Iguodala’s tweet, even though Powers certainly is right to say that he could have mentioned her name.

From here, Iguodala could have said something to diffuse the mob, like “Sorry, Aerial, real time reaction. Everyone give her a follow!” Instead, he decided to call her out without mentioning her.

And Powers still had something else up her sleeve.

On Wednesday afternoon, she clarified her initial tweet and even posted a picture of a 2016 TMZ article that wasn’t flattering of him where he apparently didn’t want his then-six-year-old daughter to play basketball because he was afraid she would become a lesbian while in child support hearings.

He cleared the air in a subsequent hearing, but it’s still not a good look for Iguodala to have to do it anyway. Powers is a lesbian.

In the end, I hope this Twitter war doesn’t continue to build up. Iguodala could have buried the hatchet earlier, even if Powers was too harsh in her response. Instead, he dug deeper with the “no manners” comment....

The Washington Wizards won’t play the Heat during their season restart in their Orlando bubble, but I kinda wish Rui Hachimura and the gang would have, so they could sent Iggy and the Heat away with a loss. But that’s just me.