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Essence Carson on the Mystics’ team chemistry and her music career

Off the court, Carson has a studio set up in her room.

Washington Mystics Media Day Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

The Mystics are two days away from their first game of the 2020 WNBA season at Florida’s IMG Academy and Essence Carson believes the team is on a “good track” as they continue to build chemistry.

“Every day we’re getting better,” said Carson on a Zoom media call Thursday afternoon.

Even though the 33-year-old is new to the team she has been holding some film sessions in the evenings with players, according to Coach Thibault. When asked about taking on that kind of responsibility Carson said “I like to win.”

“I’ve always been that way since I’ve been a kid and that’s not gonna change,” she added. “So If watching extra film sessions and breaking things down for some of the younger players that are really trying to get better and really trying to make an impact on this team, hey, I just have to do it.”

Since the team is in the bubble together, Carson wants the Mystics to make good use of their time. Carson said she’s “just making sure that each and every day, we get better, even if that’s 1% better.”

While Carson isn’t missing the players who didn’t return from last season because she wasn’t on the team in 2019, she’s aware that some of her current teammates are sorting through the mental aspect of that change.

“You have to look at it as a window of opportunity for yourself,” said Carson referring to her teammates dealing with missing Delle Donne, Sanders, and Cloud. “That doesn’t mean be selfish it just gives you a chance to step up and prove you know that you know you’re here for a reason.”

Carson admitted that she “very confident” in each of her teammates.

“I get a chance to see them work each and every day,” Carson said. “I could see how bad they want it, I can see how bad they want to be better.”

At the end of the media call, Carson was asked about how she spends her down time. She revealed that she mediates each morning when the sun comes up. She credited her mediation with keeping her calm although considers herself to be composed even without it.

Carson can be counted on to make some music when basketball isn’t in session.

“I always travel with the keyboard, pretty much, so I have a whole studio set up here at the bubble,” said the guard who plays the piano, bass guitar, drums and saxophone, and produces music off the court.

“So if you know anyone are looking for studio sessions let them know it’s like $75 an hour. I’ll engineer it for them, you know, stop by my room into whole setup there, a keyboard we’ve got the whole console going on, whatever you need. Studio A at the bubble.”

Between playing basketball and making music, Carson will be busy this summer.