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Emma Meesseman talks about Belgium national teammate and Indiana Fever guard, Julie Allemand

The Washington Mystics start off the season playing the Indiana Fever on July 25th.

Washington Mystics Practice Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

The one fun thing about a new season is watching former players from an old team play each other from their new team. That’ll happen this Saturday with one player from the Washington Mystics and one from the Indiana Fever, but with a slight difference. Emma Meesseman and Julie Allemand will see each other again, but on opposing teams.

They both play on the international stage for the Belgium women’s national basketball team. But this Saturday, Meesseman will be in a Mystics jersey, while Allemand will be in a Fever jersey. This should be very exciting to watch, even if they don’t play the same position.

Meesseman was drafted in 2013 by Washington with the 19th overall pick in the second round. Allemand was drafted by Indiana in 2016 with the 33rd overall pick in the third round, but stayed overseas to play and yet to play a game with the Fever. Indiana signed Allemand in March to the team on a multi-year contract and we can expect to see her this season. She may even start at some point.

Indiana Fever Media Day
Julie Allemand at the Indiana Fever’s media day.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

During Media Day on Sunday, Meesseman expressed how happy she is that Allemand is here in the league.

“She’s finally in the league where she deserves to be, because she’s really good. Over the past few years, she really has made a big evolution,” Meesseman said. “She’s become one of our leaders on the national team as well, so I know that she is with the perfect coach in Coach Stan[Marianne Stanley].”

Having been teammates on the national team, Meesseman can really be an expert on Allemand’s game. It’s safe to say she wishes her well has high hopes for her going forward this season.

“She’s so fast and a good leader on the court in defense, so I’m really hoping that she will learn a lot here so we can bring her back to Belgium a selfish person. I think you’ll fall in love with her game,” Meesseman said. “We’re going to try to win, but I hope that she will do well. I know she can and I know that it’s her first year and hope she will not be too intimidated. She has a beautiful, beautiful game. I really hope you can appreciate what she can bring on the court.”

This Saturday will definitely be a sight to see when the Washington Mystics take on the Indiana Fever as Meesseman and Allemand meet again but this time as opponents.