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Elena Delle Donne and her wife Amanda are running their own woodworking business

They are making hand-made coffee tables, wall art and decorative basketball hoops.

Mystics Ring Ceremony
Elena Delle Donne isn’t just a champion in the court. She is also a full-fledged business owner outside of it.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Mystics forward Elena Delle Donne isn’t just an MVP. She is also a full-fledged business owner with her custom woodworking shop, Deldon Designs. The shop offers handmade charcuterie boards and even decorative basketball hoops.

Yesterday, Delle Donne and her wife Amanda were featured in an article by Kelyn Soong of The Washingon City Paper. It’s a great read.

in the article, Delle Donne became interested in woodworking after her dissatisfaction with the furniture selection at various stores when she and Amanda were shopping. Ultimately, they decided to make their own coffee table and things took off from there.

If you are wondering who is actually making the table or basketball hoop from Deldon Designs, it’s Amanda. But if you order some wall art, Delle Donne herself is designing it.

Soong also mentioned a current project Elena and Amanda are interested in with their basketball hoop art. They are interested in hoops that focus on retro NBA jerseys. So ... if you are interested in some Washington Wizards/Bullets hoops for your house, you know who to contact!