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The Sun remain in position to finish ahead of the Mystics in the WNBA Playoffs

The Connecticut Sun have now clinched a Top-2 seed in the WNBA Playoffs after their win against the Dallas Wings on Wednesday. Because of that, the Mystics will have to keep running up the score on opponents to stay in position to clinch the top overall seed.

Dallas Wings v Connecticut Sun
The Connecticut Sun could still finish the year as the WNBA’s top team and win the title as well.
Photo by Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images

The Connecticut Sun blew out the Dallas Wings at home on Wednesday, 102-72. The win helped Connecticut get to a 23-9 record, clinch a Top-two seed in the WNBA Playoffs and stay just one game behind the Mystics, who are 24-8.

If the Mystics play the Sun in the playoffs, the only way they will do so is in the WNBA Finals, assuming they win their semifinals series.

However, the Sun’s winning ways also force Washington to continue going all out to the extent possible as they close the regular season with games against the Wings on Friday and Sky on Sunday. That’s because the Sun clearly have no intention to play a WNBA Finals series as the lower seed — and they also have the tiebreaker against the Mystics.

It is great to see that the Mystics clinched their best regular season in franchise history and with. But it would still be disappointing to still see them finish behind another opponent when the playoffs start.